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'Feels like Autumn': Canberra's coldest January in 15 years

Canberrans were getting their polar-fleece out in force this week, as the city shivered through its coolest run of weather in January in 15 years, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

The cool mornings, which saw temperatures plunge as low as 8 degrees this week, are not going anywhere and are likely to continue over the weekend.

"We got down to 8 degrees [on Friday] morning, it felt a little cooler, with 4 degrees in Goulburn, zero degrees in the mountains," Senior BOM meteorologist Sean Carson said.

"It is feeling like Autumn, [when] it's still January 30."

Mr Carson confirmed the capital has been historically chilly, thanks to a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea.

"We do have all of February to come and summer will return, but this week's weather has been the coolest run of weather in January since 2000," he said.


The return to summer will be "gradual" according to Mr Carson, although Friday is likely to stay cool.

"It will be 21 [on Friday] not to getting to any great heights, some sunshine, some cloud and certainly some chance of a brief shower late in the day as we saw yesterday," he said.

The weekend is expected to be sunny, but maybe not hot enough for river dips and pool frolics.

"The weekend will be much improved as the southerly winds are starting to ease as the low pressure system ... is starting to move a little bit further east," Mr Carson said.

The temperature should climb to 25 degrees on Saturday with "plenty of sunshine" and 26 degrees on Sunday.

Looking ahead to the following week, Weatherzone meteorologist Anthony Duke said the slightly warmer reprieve was set to continue with a possible cool change later in the week.  

"It's looking a little bit mixed - there might be a couple of nights this week where we get another cold one," he said.

"On Monday, there's only a chance of rain...probably about a 30 per cent chance of light showers during the late morning and early afternoon. It should be a predominantly sunny day - 25 degrees."

A clear night will set the capital up for a coat-worthy start to Tuesday with the temperature dropping to about 8 degrees, about 5 degrees below average, before a mostly sunny 27 degrees.

"Wednesday will be more or less the same kind of day, perhaps a little breezier - a 27 degree maximum again," Mr Duke said. 

"Thursday will probably be the cooler day of the week with a maximum temperature of 24 degrees. The second half of Thursday there is a chance we will be seeing some light showers developing."

Friday's weather will be similar to Thursday's with any rain unlikely to pass 5 millimetres and a forecast top of 25 or 26 degrees.