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French woman suspected over other cons

Police believe a French woman accused of trying to fraudulently obtain a $68,000 prestige car was responsible for a spate of other cons.

Olivia Edee Adrianne Grenon is locked up on remand at the Alexander Maconochie Centre on a charge of attempting to obtain property, an Audi A5, by deception.

Magistrate Bernadette Boss refused to release the 22-year-old French national on bail Wednesday, saying the risks she might leave the territory, reoffend or interfere with the ongoing investigation were too great.

Grenon was arrested on December 21 and has remained in custody as the police probe progressed.

Investigators now believe Grenon on 12 occasions advertised iPhones for sale on the classifieds website Gumtree, receiving money but not sending any phones.

At least four alleged victims of the scam have come forward and police are poised to lay new charges, the ACT Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday.


Grenon came to the attention of police after allegedly using an alias, Alizee Michoud or Michaud, drawing up a contract for the purchase of the Audi in December.

The ACT Road Transport Authority became suspicious when they realised the photo on the "Michoud" licence used during the transaction matched the one on Grenon's own licence, according to a police statement of facts.

Grenon allegedly later went to police and reported her licence and French passport stolen.

Police later searched Grenon's Franklin sharehouse and seized a printer and two laptops.

The court also heard investigators confiscated almost $10,000 in cash and a number of credit cards, including one in the name of a housemate.

In an interview with police, it is alleged Grenon said she inherited lots of money after her parents died, but denied handing over any documents to the Audi dealership.

She allegedly said she had an identical twin sister living in Tuggeranong named Alizee Grenon, but immigration checks showed no records of anyone by that name entering the country.

Grenon was subsequently arrested.

The court on Wednesday heard Grenon's visa was in the process of being revoked, meaning she risked being transferred to Villawood immigration detention centre if bailed.

It was also alleged Grenon was no longer welcome at the Franklin home.

Dr Boss said that while the allegations against Grenon were as yet unproven police were investigating a "large number of outstanding offences".

She declined to release Grenon on bail, and the case is due back in court in February.