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Funding sought for centrepiece of Australian peacekeeping memorial on Anzac Parade

While work is underway on the first stage of the new peacekeeping memorial on Anzac Parade, organisers are still seeking funding for the centrepiece - two large black monoliths.

Cranes have installed an inclined plane for wreaths and mementoes as well as a commemorative beam that will list every peacekeeping mission in which Australia Australia has been involved.

Organisers from the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project expect construction of stage one to be finished within two to three months after recent rain caused delays.

"The weather has made things a bit tricky," the project's vice chairman Alison Creagh said.

The federal government has contributed $2 million to the first stage of construction.  The second stage will include two black monoliths installed on the site divided by a warmly lit golden corridor.

But the group is yet to raise enough money for it.


"We're still raising funds for and would welcome any donations," Ms Creagh said.

"The monoliths are a very important design feature because they represent the two warring factions … the light that shines between the two monoliths is the peacekeepers bringing the two parties together."

Seventy-eight people and companies have become "mates" of the memorial having donated more than $500 to the project or by donating on a monthly basis. Among them are television personality David Koch and former parliamentary speaker Bronwyn Bishop.

When completed the memorial will be the first of its kind in Australia and one of three in the world with other memorials in Ottawa and New York.

Unlike other memorials on Anzac Parade, it will recognise not only military and UN peacekeepers but also police and civilians.

Ms Creagh hoped the group could unveil the memorial by Australian Peacekeepers Day on September 14, with 2017 marking 70 years since Australia's first peacekeeping mission.

"We're looking forward to the opportunity to dedicate the memorial on that day and are currently working with the department of veterans affairs on ways to commemorate the 70th anniversary," she said.

"We're very much hoping if construction of the peacekeeping memorial remains on track that we can commemorate the memorial on that day."