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Funeral on Friday for Antill Street victim

The funeral of Watson house fire victim James McKinley will be held on Friday.

Mr McKinley, 67, was found dead after a fire at his Antill Street home on January 6.

He was later described by friends as a respected member of Canberra's sporting shooting community, with one telling Fairfax Media that his late mate had told him he was a veteran of the Vietnam War and the Battle of Long Tan.

But Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith, who commanded D company at Long Tan, and Colonel Adrian Roberts, who led the relief force that drove off the North Vietnamese, said Mr McKinley did not fight in the battle. Mr McKinley's name doesn't appear on the role of Vietnam War Veterans.

Fairfax sought comment on the issue from his family, but without response.

A Mass in celebration of Mr McKinley's life will be held at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, in Watson, at 2.30pm on Friday.

Correction: This story initially said Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith and Colonel Adrian Roberts said Mr McKinley did fight in the battle. They said he did not. The error was introduced in production.