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Gungahlin internet customers to get compensation

TransACT chief executive officer Ivan Slavich says the company will offer compensation to Gungahlin residents affected by internet outages this week. Mr Slavich said some kind of recompense would be factored into the customer's next bill.

''It's certainly not going to be a huge amount. I don't want people to think every time there's an outage they're going to compensation,'' he said. ''It's more a case of recognising this has inconvenienced a number of our customers and we would like to offer some compensation.''

Mr Slavich said there was no need for customers to contact TransACT.

''They don't have to do anything. We'll do it for them,'' he said.

About 800 Gungahlin residents had intermittent internet access over five days this week, affecting Fibre to the Premise broadband services in Bonner, Crace, Forde and Franklin.

Mr Slavic said a ''software glitch'' was to blame and defended TransACT's internet provision in Gungahlin. ''If you look at the performance of TransACT's broadband network, it's been 99.98 per cent up time - it's been down 0.02 per cent over the last 12 months,'' he said.