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Gungahlin's first light rail test tracks laid

Up to 150 metres of test tracks have been laid for stage one of Canberra's light rail, with the first real tracks to be set down in mid-September.

For the past month, workers have been testing how the epoxy compound that encases the tracks performed in real-world conditions at the intersection of Nullarbor Avenue and Flemington Road in Franklin. 

The epoxy compound both secures the rail in the track slot and helps to manage stray currents.

Leakage of currents in the Gold Coast's tram system caused workers to be zapped during the commissioning phase in 2014.

Tracks had to be ripped up on the eve of the launch because of it.

The results will determine how the remaining 12 kilometres of track will be laid.


It's the next big milestone in the ACT government's $939 million light rail project, which is taking shape from Gungahlin in the north into the heart of Civic.

Testing of the trams on the tracks will begin in January.

Major intersections and stretches along Flemington Road will also be periodically closed over the coming months to make way for light rail construction. 

More information on road closures can be found by visiting the Canberra Metro website or calling 1300 208 824.