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Hoddle Street killer given addresses of alleged Duntroon attackers

The Hoddle Street killer has obtained the addresses of two former Duntroon members he is trying to track down to sue for alleged abuse before his 1987 shooting rampage.

Julian Knight has launched a civil case against the Commonwealth for alleged assaults during his time at Duntroon, the last being in May 1987, months before the massacre in Clifton Hill, Melbourne.

His shooting spree left seven dead and 19 wounded. Knight was eventually chased down and arrested by police. 

He is currently serving a life sentence in Port Phillip Prison in Victoria. 

As part of his case against the Commonwealth, he has tried to obtain addresses for individual members of Duntroon, so he can serve them papers related to the case. 

It was a move opposed by the Commonwealth, represented by Robert Crowe, SC, on Monday


Mr Crowe argued Knight had a very real reason to hold a grudge against those individuals, and was a convicted murderer. 

Master David Mossop delivered his judgment on Wednesday morning, allowing the release of addresses for two individuals. 

They will now receive papers completely out of the blue from Knight.

The Commonwealth, the court heard, conceded that if the case was proved it would be vicariously liable for other individuals, making it unnecessary to hand out their addresses. 

Earlier this week, Knight denied he held a grudge against his alleged attackers. 

 "These individuals might not be on my Christmas card list Your Honour, but I bear no grudge against them," he said on Monday.

The court on Wednesday also made directions about discovering the identity of other unknown assailants being sought by Knight. 

Mr Crowe said: "I question, with respect, the number of opportunities Mr Knight is going to be given to explore every single line of inquiry in relation to what was, at the end if the day, a relatively minor assault matter from 1987."

The case will reappear in December.

Knight's case against the Commonwealth alleges he suffered personal injury as a result of employer negligence.

The killer claims to have been assaulted during incidents of bastardisation.

One attack, he alleges, occurred at the Private Bin nightclub in Civic in May 1987, months before his shooting rampage.

He claims his superiors were disciplining him for disobeying an order confining him to his room at barracks.

He stabbed a superior after that nightclub fight, and was on bail at the time of the Hoddle Street killings.