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Holt shooting-accused loses bail bid

A man who allegedly shot a neighbour in the thigh during a neighbourhood dispute last month has lost a bid for bail, after prosecutors argued he could continue to access guns and knew where the victim lived. 

Michael Gordon Pallier​, 26, allegedly shot the man while the victim fought with another third neighbour at a unit complex in Holt in January.

The neighbourhood dispute stemmed from a sexual assault complaint made on New Year's Day, which had been the cause of tension and violence. 

Pallier is alleged to have gotten out of his car as the men fought, drawn a firearm, and shot one of the men in the back of the thigh.

The alleged victim suffered a broken femur and was forced to undergo surgery the next day.

Pallier was arrested and charged with intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm, possessing a modified firearm, possessing 230 rounds of ammunition, and unlawfully discharging a gun.


He has pleaded guilty to possessing the weapon and ammunition, but not guilty to the more serious charges of intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm and unlawfully discharging the gun.

On Thursday, Pallier made an application for bail in the ACT Magistrates Court. 

Magistrate Peter Morrison said it was likely Pallier would fail to appear in court and rejected the application.

He said the charges were serious, and Pallier was likely to face a significant sentence if found guilty.

That, Mr Morrison said, created an incentive for Pallier to not reappear.

The defendant also has a record of failing to turn up to court. 

"The risk of him failing to appear is elevated to a likelihood," Mr Morrison said.

The prosecution, in their opposition to bail, argued Pallier was skilled with firearms, despite not having a licence. 

They argued he continued to have access to firearms interstate, and knew where the complainant and witnesses lived. 

The case will come back before the court at a later date.