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Hot in the city: Canberra set for a long hot summer

It's time to clean the pool and dig out your swimmers.

After a cooler than usual summer last season, the capital looks set for a return to the sweltering temperatures we’re used to over the Christmas period.

And this weekend should provide a good taste of what’s to come.

The mercury is forecast to reach 32 degrees on Sunday, with maximum temperatures set to remain high well into next week.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) duty forecaster for Canberra Katarina Kovacevic said as we move into summer, the ACT can expect warmer temperatures than this time last year.

“On average, Canberra gets about 12 days that are above 30 every year,” she said.


“We’ve had nothing near that over the last two years.”

In the last two years, the capital has had just five days with temperature over 30 degrees.

But if the BOM forecast is correct, we've got three 30 degree-plus days coming in the next seven days.

Ms Kovacevic said although the forecast could still change, at this point Canberra's summer is expected to be much hotter than last year.

“We’re sort of heading back towards a more average summer,” she said.

A small trough is currently moving over the south east of NSW, and is set to direct warm and humid air our way over the weekend.

If Sunday’s temperature reaches the forecast 32 degrees it will be the first day over 30 degrees we’ve had in Canberra since February 25, when the maximum temperature reached 31.3 degrees.

The highest November temperature on record for Canberra is 38.9 degrees, experienced most recently on November 20 in 2009.

The hottest day we’ve had in November this year was 29.6 degrees, experienced on both November 5 and 6.

This weekend the weather should be sunny with some clouds and light winds.

The maximum temperature forecast for Monday is 31 degrees, with late showers predicted for late Monday and Tuesday cooling things down.

But it’s likely to get hotter again later in the week, with Thursday’s maximum forecast for 32 degrees.