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iiNet reassures Canberra customers over internet and phone services

Telco iiNet has reassured its customers that recent storms are not expected to disrupt services for those in the ACT and surrounding region in the lead-up to Christmas.

The company published a public notice in The Canberra Times on Wednesday, titled "Extreme weather events impact service in Canberra and the surrounding Australian Capital Territory district".

It stated the iiNet Group was "currently working to manage the impact to its network that has occurred as a result of a series of extreme weather events in the Canberra and the surrounding Australian Capital Territory District region".

The public notice stated that an estimated 23,649 services were impacted. 

But iiNet communications manager Anthony Fisk said on Thursday the company had experienced no widespread customer disruption to date as a result of the storms.

"We want to reassure our customers in Canberra and the surrounding areas that we are confident they will have internet and phone services in the lead-up to Christmas," he said.

"Yesterday's customer service notice arose from advice by one of our wholesale service providers, Telstra, about potential service disruption, which we are obliged to advertise to customers to comply with our regulatory obligations."

"However, we want to make clear that there is a huge difference between the 'potential' for maintenance and repair delays, and the inaccurate claim in media reports that customers 'face disrupted internet or phone service in the lead up to Christmas'.

"Throughout most of Canberra, iiNet supports customers on its own network, which was unaffected by the storms."