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Jury to consider stab case

A jury is set to begin deliberating in the case of a man accused of stabbing another man in a carpark brawl.

Jesse Palmer is on trial in the ACT Supreme Court, having pleaded not guilty to intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Justice Hilary Penfold on Monday gave jurors final directions and excused them for the day.

Palmer and the alleged victim were both drinking at the Belconnen Soccer Club, Hawker in December 2010.

The court heard Palmer had been asked to leave the premises after abusing a staff member.

Outside he asked the alleged victim's brother, ''What are you looking at?'' and pulled a knife when the man confronted him.


The man then rang his brother for back-up.

During the ensuing brawl, the complainant received a 20cm slash from his chest, under his left arm and into his back.

He was taken to hospital and required surgery the following day.

Both legal teams completed closing submissions on Friday.

The Crown argued Palmer had been aggressive inside the club and was looking for a fight.

Prosecutor Amanda Clarke said Palmer had finished what he started.

But the accused man's barrister argued his client had not deliberately caused the injury.

In the witness box, Palmer said he did not want to fight.

He said the complainant had punched both himself and his brother.

The accused said the injury was sustained as the victim had attacked him.

During her final directions, Justice Penfold told the jury that evidence the injury had been sustained or how it had been sustained had not been contested.

However, the judge noted that other ''evidence is all over the place''.

Justice Penfold said self-defence can be taken to protect oneself or another.

The jury will begin deliberations on a verdict on Tuesday.