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Leigh recruits students to help mark his territory

If you listen to some Tuggeranong Valley residents, they feel they've fallen off the map, what with the light rail being a northside plan for at least the medium term.

That feeling won't be helped by some good-looking maps showing Canberra devoid of anything south of the lake.

Mapping the northside of Canberra - basically his electorate of Fraser - has been a pet project for Federal MP Andrew Leigh since late last year.

He first crowd-sourced a map that represented what his constituents consider their local treasures, which include parks, cafes, pubs and, perhaps not surprisingly, his and federal colleague Kate Lundy's offices.

Leigh and his team then created a Google Map showing the spots, but it was only when the project was kicked over to some design students at the University of Canberra that it took on some real style.

As part of their course work in the UC's faculty of arts and design, students came up with their version of the ''People's Map'', the best of which Leigh listed online on Thursday.


Leigh's favourite was a clean and fairly traditional map by Michelle Lang, titled Pemano (People's Map Northside), while lecturer Ben Ennis Butler was a fan of a funky three-dimensional version by Justin Lindwall.

View the maps at

Triple-A rating for these hedge funs

The gang at Facebook group CanMeme are at it again.

After a squall of faux outrage last week following the disapperance of orange lighting in the Acton Tunnel on Parkes Way, the hedge wars reported in The Canberra Times achieved meme status on Thursday.

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