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Man charged with murdering his mother

An elderly woman was allegedly murdered by her 32-year-old son in Yarralumla overnight, police say.

The 75-year-old was found dead by ambulance officers who attended the home on Gunn Street last night.

Police were called to the scene about 9pm and found her body in the kitchen.

She had not suffered any apparent wounds, police say.

The son had reportedly been living with his elderly mother long-term.

The family is believed to be of Eastern European descent.


The son was arrested by Criminal Investigations detectives and charged with murder early this morning.

He will face ACT Magistrates Court today, where police will oppose bail.

The exact cause of death is yet to be officially confirmed by police.

They say a post-mortem will be conducted as part of the investigation.

Nearby residents Rosslyn Russell and Michael Jones said the victim had been friendly, approachable, and eager to chat.

‘‘She was a pleasant lady, she always used to say hello... she only spoke broken English,’’ Mr Jones said.

‘‘She’s been there a long time, we came here in 1987 and she was here then, it’s a rented government house,’’ he said.

‘‘We never heard arguments or anything.’’

Mrs Russell said she had seen the victim three days ago, and had not noticed any change in behaviour.

‘‘She was fine, she was in very good spirits,’’ she said.

‘‘She came out and made a fuss about our dog, she was just the same as usual.’’