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Man rescued and resuscitated at Pambula Beach

A 52 year old Victorian man pulled unconscious from the surf was rescued and resuscitated on Saturday at Pambula Beach.

A team of four Pambula lifesavers performed successful CPR on the man who was not breathing after being towed to the beach by a swimmer. 

A team of four lifesavers worked together to restore the man's breathing before he was transferred to Bega Hospital Emergency Department. 

A NSW Health spokeswoman have confirmed the patient was in a stable condition and had been transferred into a ward.  

Pambula Beach Surf Lifesaving Club President Stephen Hodgson said a roving patrol noticed a woman towing the unconscious surfer to shore, about 400 metres outside the flags. 

"His sister in law noticed the board was upside down and he was nowhere to be found," Mr Hodgson said. "Fortunately he was in shallow water, she found him and dragged him in." 

He said while it was typical for surfers to be outside the flags the incident demonstrated how vital it is to have someone keeping an eye on your in the surf. 

"Don't go out on your own," he said. 

"Always let someone know where you are or have someone watching from the beach. It was an unfortunate accident today but a fantastic job done by our members and all that assisted in the rescue."