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Maserati driver's speeding hat-trick: two days, three tickets, $3800 in fines

A Maserati driver was caught travelling at more than 170km/h with an unrestrained child sleeping in the backseat at Collector over the weekend, his third speeding offence in two days.

The 36-year-old Campsie man was driving his grey Maserati northbound along the Federal Highway just before 3.30pm on Sunday, when a highway patrol officer clocked the car at 173km/h in a 110km/h zone.

When police pulled the car over, they noticed the man’s eight-year-old son was asleep on the back seat without a seatbelt on.

A subsequent licence check revealed it was his third speeding ticket in two days – he’d been caught at 152km/h near Mittagong and then 125km/h near Goulburn on Saturday.

He has been fined a total of $3827 for the three speeding offences, and has been issued with a notice to appear in Goulburn Court later this month. His licence has been suspended until then.