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Naked ambition: man leaps for Foreshore tickets

Kambah man Matt Lambert had just one concern about skydiving naked in Canberra this morning - and wasn't about protecting his delicate bits.

"The only thing I'm worried about is the cold," he told The Canberra Times yesterday.

Lambert jumped out of a plane and fell about 8,000 feet wearing nothing but a parachute about 8am this morning, all in a bid to win VIP tickets and backstage access to the Foreshore Music Festival at Commonwealth Park on November 24.

The stunt was the result of a competition held by radio 104.7's Scotty and Nige, who posed the question, "What would you do to win?" to their listeners.

Lambert, along with 104.7 producer 'Super Joe', made the jump about 8am. 

Speaking with Scotty and Nige immediately after the jump, Lambert said he was still on a high - and still naked.


"Adrenalin’s still going," he said. "It wasn’t as cold as I was thinking.

"The coldest part was when they opened the door."

When asked if he had any issues in his "nether regions" during the 8,000 foot fall, Lambert said he didn't really notice.

"I don’t think I was actually thinking about that too much, I was just reminding myself to breathe.

The 33-year-old who works for ACT Doorland in Hume told The Canberra Times yesterday he loves musical festivals and was prepared to take the big leap sans clothes to see his favourite band Temper Trap perform at Foreshore. Only problem is, Temper Trap aren't performing this year and were the headline act in 2010.

"Actually the Stafford Brothers are playing so I'll be happy to see them," he said.

His fiance has been the most taken aback by his high-jinks.

"She was a bit angry with me to start with but as soon as she found our her favourite band was playing as well she sort of came around and could see the funny side of it," he said.

That band was also Temper Trap. Mr Lambert might have some making up to do.

From the hundreds of suggestions sent in over the week- from having faces of the boys tattooed onto someone's bum to eating bug soup - they decided that if anyone is prepared to fall from 8,000 feet totally naked they deserve the tickets.

Mr Lambert's uncle Greg Sheedy used to work for Canberra Skydive, which planted the seed of the idea of the naked jump.

"I just had the idea and everyone said I should ring up," he said.

Mr Lambert and 'Super Joe' were originally planning to broadcast on-air during the fall, however had to jump slightly earlier than planned.

"Skydiving does not wait for news," Joe told Scotty and Nige this morning.

The jumpers landed with the team from Canberra Skydive adjacent to the Royal Australian Mint in Deakin.

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