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No kidding: goat among 2000 companion animals adopted from RSCPA

Canberrans adopted more than 2000 companion animals - including 73 rodents, six ferrets, 18 lizards, 11 fish and a goat - from the RSPCA last year.

Cats (436) and kittens (789) accounted for more than half of the 2073 of the adoptees, statistics for the local branch of the animal welfare body released this week show.

RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke.
RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke. Photo: Elesa Lee

Adoptions for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies all increased, while the popularity of rabbits declined.

Among the more unusual adoptions were 78 chickens, 83 guinea pigs and three sheep.

Canberra's RSPCA found homes for 93 per cent of dogs that came in.
Canberra's RSPCA found homes for 93 per cent of dogs that came in. Photo: Lukas Coch

The RSPCA received 7247 animals last year - 676 fewer than in 2011. Of this 2540 were native wild animals and 4707 were companion animals.

RSPCA ACT chief executive Michael Linke said while it had been another busy year, the overall reduction in the number of animals needing care was great news.


''It shows that some of our key messages are having a direct impact on improving animal welfare. The fewer animals requiring our care the better,'' he said.

Some 1136 lost animals were reclaimed by owners, 658 animals were released back to their habitat and 96 emergency boarding cases were returned to owners.

The RSPCA adopted out a goat as a companion animal. <i>File</i>
The RSPCA adopted out a goat as a companion animal. File Photo: Orlando Chiodo

The statistics show that 91 animals either died in transit or escaped, 461 animals died of natural causes and 99 dogs and 24 puppies were put down for health, medical and behavioural reasons.

The overall homing rate for dogs was 93 per cent.

More than 800 cats and kittens were put down last year because they were either feral, very sick and carrying incurable diseases or were behaviourally aggressive.

The RSPCA managed 2946 wild animals for the year (3224 in 2011), including more than 80 bird species.

Some 658 native animals were returned to the wild - a 26 per cent release rate.

Mr Linke thanked his team of 45 paid staff and 500 volunteers for their hard work during the year.

''Every animal at RSPCA receives the best care possible and with this team of dedicated people animal welfare is in safe hands in Canberra.''

Incoming native animal species

  • Magpie     535
  • Brushtail Possum     518
  • Galah     468
  • Cockatoo     355
  • Currawong     239
  • Crimson Rosella     235
  • Crested Pigeon     191
  • Blue Tongue Lizard     168
  • Red Wattlebird     138

Dog breeds incoming

  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier     187
  • Mixed     113
  • Kelpie     112
  • Jack Russell Terrier     99
  • Labrador     85
  • Maltese     77
  • Terrier     61
  • Border Collie     60
  • Australian Cattledog     51
  • German Shepherd     38

Top ten suburbs where people lived who adopted an animal from RSPCA ACT

  • Kambah     85
  • Queanbeyan     78
  • Murrumbateman     74
  • Macgregor     54
  • Ngunnawal     41
  • Wanniassa     40
  • Gordon      38
  • Curtin     37
  • Weston     37
  • Watson     33
  • Rivett     30


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