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No sweat: for two-wheel travel just hop on and go with the flow

CANBERRA needs a revolution of women wearing dresses and heels as they ride around town if it means more of them leave their cars at home, says author and TV personality Sarah Wilson.

Pictures show the 39-year-old turning up to the Sunrise studio in Sydney on her bike wearing fashionable dresses and footwear.

She says men and women should not worry about wearing Lycra if that is the issue stopping them from riding.

''If you're worrying about changing your outfit, just go with the flow,'' she said.

''In Paris people ride in heels and skirts.

''And some people worry about sweating. When you're fit and you ride a bike, you don't sweat. I'm out on the bike all day.''


The Canberra-raised woman is from a bike-mad family keen on minimalism. Most of the family's bicycle parts are recycled to form other bikes.

Her father rides a pink bike with no suspension and her brothers cycle to the South Coast in the summer.

''When I was a kid everyone rode a bike in Canberra to get around - nobody could afford a car at school,'' she said.

''It's become very comfortably middle class and people ride for recreation rather than it being part of the way they get around.''

Her comments come as a Pedal Power survey shows more people are riding to work in everyday clothes, rather than Lycra, suggesting more people are doing it for transport.