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Not the Big Apple, but it's fashion you can sink your teeth into

They're more likely to be found on your plate, but fresh fruit and vegetables will take pride of place draped across models at a live styling and photo shoot before Fashfest.

Held at the Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Market on April 12 in New Acton and organised by Fashfest, the live shoot will see a stylist, hair dressers and make-up artist create a number of looks for a photo shoot in front of a live audience.

The use of the fresh produce relates to The Forage, a new pop-up community food event featuring a selection of Canberra restaurants, cafes, wineries and mobile food vendors, which will make its first appearance at Hustle&Scout.

Fashfest producer Steve Wright said the live shoot pushes the boundaries of what they've done in the past.

"We're heading into autumn and it's a great time for fresh produce in Canberra, so I've collaborated with hairdressers and make-up artists using food," he said.

"This is a chance to say fashion isn't just fabric and it extends beyond the neck. And creativity is something we have plentiful in Canberra."


Wright will work with Wayne Friend and Chad Wijayatilake from Form Hair, Adam Noble and Tegan Geale from Next Hair, make-up artist Karen Mathias from M:Artisty, and models from Haus Models to create the looks, with photography by Leighton Hutchinson.

"We'll be using local produce and we have a few different themes - baked goods, maybe pastries, bread, then we have the fruit and vegetables," he said. ''Because it's autumn we'll focus on what's in season."

The event will give the public an opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot, and get a realistic idea of the difference between what it looks like in real life as opposed to through the camera lens.

And while Wright has never styled with vegetables before, it won't be his first time styling with food.

"When I was a student, I made an outfit out of jelly," he said.

"It lasted a surprisingly long time. It lasted long enough to make it into a full look, and then it melted."

■ Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Market featuring The Forage is on April 12 from 3-8pm at New Acton.