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Notorious tyre-slasher returns

The Narrabundah slasher - a notorious figure steeped in neighbourhood legend - appears to have resumed his reign of tyre terror.

For over two decades, locals say they have suffered repeated car tyre slashings, with vehicles left lopsided at least once every few days.

Now, police are warning residents to lock up their cars, either in garages or car ports, as they respond to over 11 reports of slashings in the past two months alone.

The perpetrator, rarely seen or heard by Narrabundans, has earned derisive labels, such as "the Grim Reaper of rubber".

The slasher operates at night, typically striking cars parked along the street between Thursday and Sunday.

"More than 23 tyres have been damaged during the two months of summer," acting Officer-in-Charge of Woden Police Station Sergeant Mark Steel said.

"Some owners have been targeted twice, and in one night four vehicles were damaged on Caley Crescent," he said.

Police are now stepping up their patrols in the area, and are urging anyone who sees anyone acting suspiciously to contact 131 444.