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Philip Clark remains king of breakfast radio in Canberra

Philip Clark remains the most popular breakfast radio host on Canberra's airwaves with 666 ABC Canberra retaining its lead over FM104.7 despite a narrowing margin.

According to the latest Commercial Radio Ratings, Clark, who replaced Ross Solly on January 20, claimed 21.1 per cent of the breakfast audience once again beating FM104.7's Scotty and Nige, who picked up an 18.2 per cent share of the audience. 

MIX106.3 breakfast hosts Kristen and Rod's audience fell by 1.5 per cent and is now equal third with Radio National, which increased its audience in Canberra to 11.9 per cent during the 5.30 to 9am timeslot.

Overall Monday-Friday honours were once again claimed by FM104.7 who retained 18.2 per cent of the audience followed by 666 ABC Canberra with 16.5 per cent and MIX106.3 with 15.9 per cent.

The demographic appeal of FM104.7 shifted despite retaining its Monday-Friday audience share, with the number of 10-17-year-olds listening increasing by 18.4 per cent while 12.6 per cent of 18-24-year-olds chose alternative stations. 

Mark Wiggett, content director for FM104.7 and MIX106.3, said both breakfast shows were in a good position for further growth.


"We are thrilled with the overall result and it's fantastic to remain number one and twi in the commercial market," he said.  

It was a mixed result for ABC's FM stations with Classic FM increasing its audience in all demographics and timeslots while the youth-orientated Triple J shed listeners in key demographics and dropped to fourth in overall ratings.

Classic FM is now more popular than Triple J in Canberra with a 9.5 per cent of the Monday to Friday audience with Triple J (8.3 per cent) losing listeners in the 18-24 and 25-39-year-old categories. 

In addition to retaining breakfast honours, 666 ABC increased its morning and afternoon audience placing second and third respectively. 

Canberra station manager Andrea Ho said she was delighted with the results which were "a good result for the station and the team".

"After a good year, it's rewarding to see a strong finish in the last survey of the year for 666 ABC Canberra," she said.

"Across the day the results have been steady, with gains in Mornings, Afternoons and Weekends." 

Canberra top radio stations: Audience share Monday-Friday, 5.30am - Midnight

FM104.7: 18.2 per cent

ABC 666: 16.5 per cent

MIXFM 106.3: 15.9

ABC FM: 9.5 per cent

Triple J: 8.3 per cent

Radio National: 7.9 per cent

2CC Canberra: 6.4 per cent

2CA: 5.3 per cent

NEWSR: 3.8 per cent

Canberra breakfast radio: Audience share Monday-Friday, 5.30am - 9am.

ABC 666: 21.1 per cent

FM104.7: 18.2 per cent

MIX106.3: 11.9 per cent

Radio National: 11.9 per cent

ABC FM: 8.8 per cent

Triple J: 6.9 per cent

NEWSR: 5.4 per cent

2CC: 5 per cent

2CA: 4.5 per cent