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Pitchsider thrown out of Manuka Oval Cricket World Cup clash

Another man has been thrown out of a Cricket World Cup match for pitchsiding at Manuka Oval.

The man was caught by International Cricket Council officials at the match between South Africa and Ireland on Tuesday night, and was ejected and issued with a ban.

The latest instance comes after a number of punters have been caught in the act at ICC Cricket World Cup matches across Australia and New Zealand this year.

Three men were caught at the West Indies and Zimbabwe match on February 24 at Manuka Oval and another man was caught at the Canberra match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh earlier in February.

Over in New Zealand, three men were evicted from the Sri Lanka and New Zealand match at Christchurch's Hagley Oval on February 14 and one man evicted from the Ireland and the West Indies match at Nelson's Saxton Oval on February 17.

Pitchsiding is when spectators take advantage of sometimes just seconds-long broadcasting time delays to manipulate betting, feeding match information abroad.


While pitchsiding breaches the terms and conditions of entry of tickets, it is not technically illegal in the ACT, according to police.

Offenders are becoming more tech-savvy and the ICC's Anti-Corruption Security Unit has been attending matches and scanning the crowd to find them out.

Apart from the man pitchsiding on Tuesday night, police also arrested two men for being intoxicated at the match, and security threw out another 11 men for possessing alcohol, intoxication or poor behaviour.

ACT Policing also ejected a man attempting to take alcohol into the stadium.