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PM's ACT appearance could be one-off for election campaign

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has entered the ACT election campaign today but is unlikely to reappear before election day on October 20.

Ms Gillard joined Chief Minister Katy Gallagher at a women in politics breakfast forum with social commentator Jane Caro this morning.

Ms Gallagher had made clear her intentions to recruit the Prime Minister to the local Labor cause.

"I'm a big fan of Julia Gillard and it's been no secret that I've wanted her to be part of our campaign, so it was great to have her here, even just for a short time," she said this morning.

"It gives people a bit of a boost and a bit of a focus on what we need to do over the next 11 days."

The Chief Minister said the Canberra Liberals were reluctant to recruit Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to their campaign because Mr Abbott was seen as "a big threat to Canberra".


"Zed Seselja doesn't want to be seen as Abbott's man in Canberra and that's why he won't be welcome," Ms Gallagher said.

"It's not about what issues are important in the campaign, it's more about the fact they don't want to be aligned with Tony Abbott because he's not popular and if he gets into power he will destroy this joint."

Ms Gallagher said it was unlikely the Prime Minister would be involved in other campaign events in the next 11 days due to her schedule.

"We haven't organised anything," she said.

"She's an incredibly busy woman and we were happy to get her here for this day but certainly there's no other plans.

"If there were the opportunity I would certainly embrace it."