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Police arrest 33-year-old man after alleged Greenway crime spree

Police have arrested a man for an alleged series of aggravated robberies in Greenway last week. 

It is alleged that on Sunday, March 5, the 33-year-old robbed a man while brandishing a weapon. 

He then allegedly followed his victim to a local shopping centre, where he used another weapon to demand he hand over the PIN to his bank card. 

Later, the man allegedly went to the victim's work and made another demand for money. 

When the victim returned home he discovered his house had also been burgled, police said.

Police they arrested the man sitting inside a reportedly stolen car on Thursday morning while conducting mobile patrols at Pine Island Reserve in Greenway.

He was allegedly carrying a knife and a small bag of what is thought to be methamphetamine. 

He has been charged with driving a motor vehicle without consent, attempting to escape custody, possessing a knife without a reasonable excuse, possessing a prohibited substance, aggravated robbery and blackmail.

The man will appear in ACT Magistrates Court on Friday morning.