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Police investigate slingshot attacks in Jerrabomberra

Jerrabomberra residents are concerned for their safety as police continue to investigate an ongoing series of damaging slingshot attacks.

Homes in the vicinity of Stockyard Creek Reserve have reported about 30 attacks since November, where houses and fences were dented and car windows were shattered.

Queanbeyan Police spokesman Inspector Chris Varley said projectiles included rocks, bolts, coins and large marbles.

“Some of these things have got potential to cause quite a lot of damage … [and] maim or kill,” he said.

Keith North, a resident who has reported five attacks to police, said the incidents occurred in the neighbourhood several times a week and at random times of the day.

“My wife and one of her friends were in the driveway, and he must’ve come into the cul de sac and shot a couple of roofing screws their way,” he said. “My wife’s friend had a baby in her hands. Just crazy.”


The front windscreen of Mr North’s work truck was also shattered in January, costing his employer $350 to replace.

“The lady across the road … about two or three weeks ago – he must’ve come in again to the cul de sac, because the force of the actual slingshot completely shattered the back window [of her car],” he said. 

Mr North said he was worried for the welfare of his wife and infant daughter.

“We’ve got a nice patio out the back, and I cook the barbie out there wondering if a marble or a rock is going to come flying our way,” he said.

Another resident, who did not want to be identified, showed The Chronicle a box full of projectiles that she had collected from her yard and said the attacks were “pretty constant … it’s like stalking”.

“I hate it. I’m out watering and I’ll have stones slingshotted at me. You can’t go out and water,” she said, adding that the offender should “get a life”.

Inspector Varley said Queanbeyan Police had devoted extra resources and significantly increased patrols through Stockyard Creek Reserve.

“Police are incredibly frustrated, even after this amount of time and the effort we’ve been putting in, that we’re still unable to locate the person or persons responsible,” he said.

Queanbeyan Police sought the community’s help through doorknocking and a letterbox drop, but Inspector Varley appealed for greater assistance from the public.

“We’ve got some information that’s come through, and we have a bit of an idea, but we’re just really waiting for that person with a strong enough moral conscience who’s seen something to come forward and put it to bed, put it to an end,” he said.

Mr North said it was “crazy” that the attacks had continued for so many months, and that he was beyond simply asking the offender to stop.

“I’d wring his neck. There wouldn’t be no words, I can tell you now. I’m jack of it.”

Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Queanbeyan Police on 6298 0555.