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Police seek answers to 'serious sexual assault' in Civic

Police are calling for witnesses to a "serious sexual assault" in Civic after four months of unanswered questions and investigations. 

According to police, the sexual assault occurred near East Row in Civic shortly before 6am on Saturday July 26.

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Civic sex assault cctv footage

Police want to talk to a group of men seen with the suspect in a sex assault case in Civic earlier this year. CCTV footage supplied by ACT Policing. No sound

CCTV footage from the area showed the alleged offender standing with a group of men shortly before the sexual assault occurred.

Police believe the man in question is between 25 and 35 years old, about 178 centimetres tall, with a slim build and lightly tanned skin.

Leading Senior Constable Giuliana Milner of the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse team strongly condemned the incident and called upon the public to identify the men in the footage with anonymity if necessary. 

"Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation I cannot comment on what actually took place that morning but I can confirm it was a serious sexual assault," she said.


"There is no indication that alcohol played a significant role in the commission of this offence."

An ACT Policing spokesman stressed the men, other than the alleged offender, were not considered suspects in the assault but were possible sources of new information. 

"At this stage we believe the group of men were speaking with the alleged offender and it is unknown whether they had any involvement in relation to the actual sexual assault," Senior Constable Milner said.

"We just believe they will be able to provide assistance to identify the alleged offender."

Detective Milner said police had previously released the CCTV footage but a stalled investigation required them to call for more witnesses and public information.

"Since the sexual assault was reported to police we've conducted a large number of inquiries and this is just another avenue of inquiry with a hope of identifying the alleged offender," she said.

"Police received a number of calls and information from members of the public that we subsequently followed up and we're looking for more avenues of inquiry."

Senior Constable Milner said the man identified in the footage was initially considered a "person of interest" but this had recently changed to alleged offender.

"Police have made a large number of inquiries into this and now believe that this person is the alleged offender and that's why we're seeking public assistance to try and identify him," she said. 

Police have urged anyone with information regarding the sexual assault to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.