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Prized 1970 Torana reported stolen during Summernats

With so many cars and car lovers in Canberra Rod Lyall never imagined he'd wake up to find his lovingly restored 1970 LC Torana had been taken.

The Goulburn car enthusiast called the police to report his car was stolen early on Saturday morning after finding it was gone from secure underground car park of the Aria Hotel adjacent to Northbourne Avenue in Dickson. 

It was an anonymous call to police prompted by Mr Lyall's Facebook post pleading for his car to be returned which led to the car being discovered on Saturday afternoon no more than one kilometre away on Archer Street, Dickson. 

But for Mr Lyall Saturday began like a nightmare, finding nothing left of the car he had brought to exhibit at Summernats Street Car event except a few cut locks strewn on the ground.

"We parked it there about 6.30pm on Friday night and when I got up this morning to get some breakfast it was gone - the mongrels," Mr Lyall said.


"It seems they broke into the car park by jamming the roller doors open, cut the locks off my car, dragged it out with a ute and took it away." 

He said his was the only car he was aware of to be taken and suspected it had been targeted for parts.

"I have owned it for 19 years," he said. "I spent a lot of time and money on it. Over the years I have probably put over $100,000 into it." 

At bit shaken up Mr Lyall went with friends to Summernats, as planned. 

"It's a bit shit. I keep on nearly crying," he said. "People who steal cars aren't car lovers. It's nothing to do with the festival it's about money and whoever did this are scumbags." 

Being reunited with the car than afternoon Mr Lyall said he was glad the ordeal was over. 

Found in Dickson and in one peace thanks everyone for all your help

Posted by Rod Lyall on  Friday, 8 January 2016

But there was more trouble at Summernats with ACT Police reporting several punters had been duped by an entry wristband scam. 

A number of "all areas" wristbands stolen six months ago prompted organisers to change the design and colour of the bands used this year.

Thieves have been selling the stolen wristbands for $20, instead of the festival price of $145, in areas surrounding Exhibition Park. 

Organisers are warning those who purchase the fake bands won't gain entry. 

"Our team are well prepared and you will be denied entry if you try, so don't bother," said Summernats co-owner, Andy Lopez.

Police are urging anyone with information or who is approached by the scammers to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via