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Public bus service to Canberra Airport begins

The much-awaited public transport link to Canberra Airport started on Monday morning.

Busses will run between Canberra Airport and the city seven days a week under Transport Canberra's route 11 service.

Public servant John Moses travelled from Melbourne to Canberra every week for work and had not been expecting to see a bus on Monday. 

"It's a pleasant surprise, though. I never knew that they were doing this," the 36-year-old said. 

"It will save me a lot of time. I'm travelling to Canberra every week for work and usually I'm taking a taxi or walking 15 minutes to the next nearest bus stop."

University student Matt Daly was also surprised by the bus as he travelled back to the city from a friend's birthday in Melbourne. 


"It's really convenient, rather than waiting half an hour for an uber or taxi," he said. 

"We were just on our way to the uber terminal when we saw the signs for the bus."

The ACT's Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris said the service had been implemented with the help of Canberra Airport after a strong push from the community. 

"We are really excited to see the first busses come in and depart from Canberra Airport," she said. 

"We've seen customers coming in and departing on a busy morning here.

"It's fantastic we've been able to start this service here today with the help of Transport Canberra and Canberra Airport."

Ms Fitzharris said peak hour services for the route 11A busses would run every thirty minutes during the week and every hour during the weekend. 

"To travel just use your MyWay card or pay a cash fare to the driver as usual when boarding. 

"A single adult trip when paying cash will cost $4.80 with cheaper fares for students and children."

The government would look at opportunities to increase the frequency of the busses further down the track, she added. 

"Now that we are seeing increased public transport patronage across the city, the government is making significant investments and really wanting to show people how easy and comfortable it can be to catch the bus around Canberra."

David Wischer, the main driver and manager of Canberra Airport's Royale private shuttle service, said the public bus did not necessarily mean his business would close.

The Royale would continue offering a premium service to and from the airport in the hope it would be economically viable, he said.