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Public exposure accused charged after bail breach allegation

An Ainslie man charged with public exposure in front of his neighbours before Christmas came to police attention again for allegedly breaching his bail conditions on New Year's Eve.

Jeffrey Isen first came to police attention on December 23 after his neighbours in the same public housing complex alleged he exposed himself in front of them.

He was released from the police watchhouse shortly after, with his bail conditions stipulating he was not allowed to contact or communicate with the complaining neighbours.

But the neighbours, who share a driveway with Mr Isen, called police again on Thursday after the defendant allegedly yelled profanities while outside his house.

He appeared before the ACT Magistrates Court on Saturday to answer both the alleged breach of bail and the original public exposure charge.

His lawyer, Hugh Jorgensen, applied for his bail to be extended, but suggested the conditions also include a ban on drinking alcohol.


He said the defendant had been on his driveway picking up rubbish at the time of the second incident and allegedly told police he was "only in the street for five minutes" while collecting the mail.

"He was consuming liquor, but it wasn't in a public place," he said.

"While there has been this issue, there have [also] been seven days where there was no contact with his neighbours."

Magistrate Beth Campbell said Mr Isen needed to understand that the "no contact" part of his bail conditions included screaming profanities directed to the neighbours while they were in earshot.

"I suggest that, come Monday, you make contact with Housing ACT and ask to be moved," she said.

"Alcohol doesn't cause you to do things, but it does lessen your inhibtions."

Ms Campbell granted bail with the added ban on drinking liquor, including submitting to alcohol testing.

The public exposure case is due to return to court on February 4. Mr Isen did not enter a plea.