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Raid was to pay drug debt, court told

The target of an alleged home invasion has told a court of peeking over his fence to find "something out of Hollywood" as a horde of heavily armed police swarmed around a car.

The man said he had been watching a movie with a friend in May 2011 when the drama unfolded about five metres from his Florey home.

He told the court police officers shooed him away from the scene but an hour later he answered a knock at the door to be told he had been the target of a planned home invasion.

Jackson Allred, 20, and Shane Cringle, 27, are on trial in the ACT Supreme Court for allegedly plotting the foiled heist.

The pair have pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.

In May 2011, police swooped on a car carrying Allred and four other people in Belconnen.


It is alleged police were acting on information garnered from phone calls between Allred and Cringle coming out of the prison.

The alleged target told the court he was shaken when he heard of the thwarted raid as his partner and two children had been at the house at the time.

He told the court he had previously used and sold cannabis but had stopped dealing as he no longer needed the money.

The man said he had twice bought cannabis from a man named Shane but told the court he did not recognise either defendant.

Earlier in the day, the court had heard taped phone conversations Cringle had had with Allred and his girlfriend. The prosecutor said Cringle sent Allred an SOS to help repay a $440 drug debt.

The Crown alleges the conversations portray the pair trading ideas before settling on a plan to raid a Florey property.

But lawyers for the accused said the Crown case was just an attempt to interpret the phone conversations as an agreement to commit the home invasion, telling jurors they could reject that explanation.

The jury trial before Justice John Nield continues on Thursday.