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Railway museum fire engulfs carriage

A fire at the Railway Museum in Kingston on Thursday afternoon has left a rail carriage damaged.

Firefighters are treating the scene with care, as there is the possibility of exposure to asbestos, emergency services said.

The fire started at about 1pm and was extinguished by 2.50pm. There were no injuries.

The carriage had to be wheeled out of the shed at the Museum so the fire inside it could be extinguished.

Emergency services said there was no damage to the museum but there was damage to the roof of the carriage.

They said early investigations suggest the fire was started by a workman welding in the carriage.

Two Fire Pumpers, one Compressed Air Foam System Tanker, the Breathing Apparatus Van, the Hazard Materials Unit and one Commander responded to the call.

The museum is currently closed to the public for office renovations and was set to reopen tomorrow according to their website.