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Rebels bikie sentenced for Charnwood drug deal

A bikie convicted of drug dealing has been warned that he will probably become involved in more crime if he stays in the Rebels.

A Rebels bikie sentenced for dealing drugs in a McDonald's car park has been warned his continued association with the gang may force him into further criminality.  

Alex Bourne, 27, was warned about his links with the Rebels by Justice John Burns, as the judge sentenced him to 300 hours of community service and imposed a $3000 fine in the ACT Supreme Court on Friday. 

Justice Burns said the club was "notorious" for its criminal activities. 

"It is a matter of concern for me that you continue to be a member of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang," he said. 

"If you maintain that connection, there is a risk that you will become involved in criminal offences."

Bourne faced two charges over trafficking in cannabis in 2012. 


One transaction allegedly netted him $1000 for more than 250 grams of cannabis. 

Bourne dealt the man the drugs in the Charnwood McDonald's car park. 

Police watched Bourne place a white shopping bag in the other man's car, and a search found 263.4 grams of cannabis in the shopping bag.

A raid on Bourne's home also found more than 400 grams of cannabis in his car, which was parked in front of his home. 

He pleaded guilty to both charges immediately before his trial. 

His co-offender was sentenced to a good behaviour order for involvement in the McDonald's deal. 

Bourne was put on a good behaviour order for 22 months.