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Relief as autistic woman's Lego statue found

An autistic woman's Lego statue, believed to have been stolen from her family's Turner home, has been found on the side of the road in Mitchell by a woman who recognised it from Facebook.

The one-metre tall, wooden statue is one of the few things Charlie Bigg-Wither's 21-year-old daughter Alison feels close to, according to her father.

It went missing, believed stolen, last week and Mr Bigg-Wither, who runs the Green Shed recycling centre at Mugga Lane tip, said on Friday his daughter was "totally shattered" by the loss.

He had three custom-made - one for each of his children - and they are a stand-out feature of his famously extensive Lego collection, which involves a metric tonne of the Danish bricks.

He said Ms Bigg-Wither was "over the moon" that the statue - which weighs 50 kilograms - had been returned.

"She was at respite all weekend so when she got home it was a nice surprise. She gave it a big hug," he said.


A woman who works at a business on Vicars Street in Mitchell called the Green Shed when she saw it propped up near her work and thought it looked like the one she had seen online.

"This lady just called up and said she saw it on Faceboook,

"There was not much you could do with it ... I think someone just felt guilty and left it there," Mr Bigg-Wither said.

Canberrans had emotional reactions to the news the statue may have been stolen last week, begging for its return.

The responses also revealed the house's position as a Canberra icon, with many saying how much joy driving past the eccentric residence brought them and their children.