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Rest in peace, Linda Cox

The accident

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The victim of the tragic hit and run outside the Canberra Hospital, Linda Cox, 38, was a dedicated member of the cardiology department.

Ms Cox worked as a senior cardiac technician at the hospital, and her death has shocked through the department and the entire body of hospital staff.

In 2010, she received an award for a breakthrough system that greatly reduced the time it took for heart attack sufferers to receive life-saving treatment at hospital.

That system, named the Early Access to Treatment System,  allowed ambulance officers to transmit critical patient data, including an electrocardiogram, to hospital cardiologists while a patient was still en-route.


The tragic irony was that Ms Cox, who worked so hard to save the lives of others, had her own taken so suddenly.

One hospital employee, speaking to The Canberra Times anonymously, said the tragedy of her death had hit all staff hard.

‘‘What could the poor lady have done? She was just doing the right thing, going home from work, and now she’s gone. It makes no sense,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s so very, very sad,’’ she said.

‘‘I can’t stop thinking about her and her family and what they must be going through.’’

Social staff gatherings were cancelled at the hospital today as a mark of respect.