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Road safety message fuelled by star power

Silly is not a word often used to describe Canberra, however during the upcoming festive season a community service announcement starring high-profile locals will aim to tackle bad behaviour on the roads.

For the first time the Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drink Driving initiative has produced a local television commercial with famous Canberrans to warn against drink driving.

"RADD used to do a lot of these messages nationally and material supplied to smaller jurisdictions like the ACT and the Northern Territory came from elsewhere around Australia, now this particular community service announcement has a lot of localism," RADD national director Peter Rubinstein said.

The 30-second announcement will be screened on the ACT's three commercial television stations and features Capitals star Lauren Jackson, Raiders captain Terry Campese and Brumbies and Wallabies player Pat McCabe.

Local hardrock band Atlantis Awaits, who also took part in the RADD commercial, are no strangers to TV - front woman Tegan Rogers starred in the Channel Ten reality show The Shire earlier this year.

The familiar faces all have a close connection to the Canberra community and were proud to be included in a positive road safety message which will encourages viewers to make safe choices when it comes to drinking or driving.

"They see it like a badge of honour not a pressure. For example, the Canberra Raiders have tens of thousands of fans so for the guys we have taking part it gives them a sense of pride for their colours, pride in that they are helping send a responsible message to their fans and, in some cases, their home town," Mr Rubinstein said. "Bad road behaviour is an ongoing issue everywhere. Unlike breast cancer or heart disease, drink driving is 100 per cent preventable. There is no right or wrong approach to discussing drink driving so we decided to get some high-profile talent to send a positive message rather than the graphic and shocking campaigns we usually see at this time of year."

Mr Rubinstein said RADD has received requests from other notable Canberrans wishing to take part in upcoming road safety campaigns.