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Ross Solly toppled from breakfast ratings throne

Scotty Masters and Nigel Johnson aka Scotty and Nige from 104.7 have knocked 666 ABC Canberra's Ross Solly off the perch ...

Scotty Masters and Nigel Johnson aka Scotty and Nige from 104.7 have knocked 666 ABC Canberra's Ross Solly off the perch in the breakfast radio ratings.

Ross Solly's reign as the King of Canberra Breakfast Radio has come to an end with the ABC host knocked off the perch by 104.7's Scotty and Nige.

666 ABC also fell further down the ladder overall, losing its No.2 spot to MIX 106.3, which increased its share by 4.5 percentage points. By contrast, 666 lost 0.9 of a percentage share, pushing it into third spot.

The latest Nielsen radio ratings represent a massive win for FM 104.7, which won the overall ratings as well as all but one of the timeslots across the listening audiences.

Dethroned ... Ross Solly.

Dethroned ... Ross Solly. Photo: Lyn Mills

Fresh from being voted the third most-liked thing about Canberra, Scotty and Nige also toppled 666 ABC's Solly from the top position in the crucial breakfast slot.

Solly has dominated the breakfast ratings for several years but in the latest round was a distant second to Scotty and Nige, who had 22.5 per cent of the audience (up from 18.7 per cent) compared to Solly's 17.9 per cent (down from 19.3 per cent).

104.7's sister station 106.3 also made massive gains in breakfast, with presenters Rod and Biggzy increasing its share from 7.6 per cent to 14.1 per cent since the last ratings were released in September.

The overall ratings had 104.7 with a 23.9 per cent share followed by MIX 106.3 (16.8 per cent), 666 ABC Canberra (14 per cent), 2JJJ (8.4 per cent), ABCFM (7.1 per cent), Radio National (6.9 per cent), 2CA (6.8 per cent), 2CC (6.7 per cent) and News Radio (4.1 per cent).

The only timeslot 104.7 didn't win was evenings (7pm to midnight), which it narrowly lost by 0.1 of a percentage point to 666 ABC (15.1 per cent).

Canberra FM Radio content director Drew Chapman attributed the growth at MIX 106.3 to a grassroots campaign to be deliberately involved in as many community events as possible, from a school fete to the Canberra Centenary celebrations.

“This result is the absolute highlight of an already very big year and is really down to the hard work, commitment and consistency of those who work for our stations every day," Mr Chapman said.

“We've pushed MIX 106.3, particularly Rod and Biggzy, right out into people's communities and they've made some very strong connections, while 104.7 just continues to build on a legacy of consistency, with Scotty and Nige claiming the number 1 spot in breakfast, and still delivering massive events such as Skyfire."

In a statement, 666 ABC management put a positive spin on the losses, saying it had maintained its position as the ‘‘number one talkback station in Canberra in a survey that largely favoured music stations’’.

The statement said while ‘‘small drops are disappointing, they also provide a challenge’’.

666 ABC Canberra had also maintained its core 40-plus audience for the period and had increased its 55-plus  share of the market.

ABC local content manager Andrea Ho also referred to the new lineup at 666 which ‘‘in a few short weeks is settling in well and already starting to show dividends in this survey’’.

The ratings for the morning and afternoon shifts at 666 did increase from the last survey, but the drive ratings fell.

“We take all survey results in our stride as just one measure of our work: to inform and engage Canberrans,’’ Ms Ho said.

“At 666 ABC Canberra we take a long-term view of both pleasing listeners and developing our people.

“I’m very proud of the hard-working team at 666. We’re grateful for the continued support of Canberra listeners.”



  • I now have massive concerns for the future of Canberra..... These guys obviously love their job but the crass that they come up with is so dull and predictable... straight out of the writing on the tonight show or letterman and altered to suit Australian people... shame Canberra Shame.... Oh and no I dont listen to the ABC either...

    Date and time
    April 03, 2013, 3:58PM
    • I totally understand why this has happened. Nothing against the ABC and they do very good news and current affairs programs, but given that most people here work for Government, its fair to assume that alot of people, such as myself, need a break and the drive to work is it. I mean I don't want to hear about leadership rumors, Government is crisis, spending issues etc. before work as I have to deal with it for the next 8 hours. I find them, and the one son 106.3 light heart entertainment thats ok, but mor eimportantly its a break from reallity

      Date and time
      April 03, 2013, 4:08PM
      • Wow! I find watching grass more entertaining and funny than Scotty and Nige.

        John Ramonski
        Date and time
        April 03, 2013, 4:20PM
        • Breakfast radio; another great reason to ride to work and listen to the birds sing.

          Date and time
          April 03, 2013, 4:24PM
          • Solly's polling is going in the same direction as his political leanings.

            Long Memory
            Date and time
            April 03, 2013, 4:50PM
            • Sorry, but MIX106.3, esp. Rod & Biggzy, are what my son would call 'an insult to humanity'. Is Canberra really becoming so bogan that these people have an audience?

              Date and time
              April 03, 2013, 5:40PM
              • Each to their own maybe, I don't listen to any commercial radio but I don't think if somebody does it makes them bogan. Try-hard "elites" like yourself are what is wrong with Canberra, not people's varying tastes.

                Date and time
                April 03, 2013, 6:36PM
              • Amen to that WotTha????!!!

                Date and time
                April 04, 2013, 5:01AM
            • Who are Scotty and Nige?

              Angus Bucknell
              Date and time
              April 03, 2013, 7:00PM
              • Canberra are you serious?!?!Scotty & Nige!! In any other city in the country they'd be axed for laughing at their own lame jokes! I've tortured myself many times before....hoping to get a laugh but unfortunately I'm yet to find anything funny. I have to agree with John Ramonski.

                Mike Meyers
                Date and time
                April 03, 2013, 7:18PM

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