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Seal of confidence on The Voice

He may think he’s just a stay at home Dad who teaches the occasional music lesson in Canberra’s north, but it seems Anthony Dellamarta’s life is about to go into overdrive.

The sound of Dellamarta’s voice made Seal leap off his chair during The Voice’s blind auditions last night, pushing him through to the show’s battle rounds next week.

Despite not pressing the button until the song’s final moments, Seal said he was a ‘‘lucky guy’’ to have the Belconnen native on his team.

‘‘I was waiting for something special to happen, I was digging it, and right at the final hurdle you gave it to me,’’ Seal said.

Joel Madden said Dellamarta sung ‘‘the shit out of’’ George Benson’s On Broadway, though it wasn’t enough for him to turn on his swivel chair.

Delta Goodrem said, ‘‘It was a slow build, but you kept going up and in that last second any one of us could have hit the button. Seal was the lucky one.’’


When Keith Urban asked Dellamarta what it felt like seeing Seal suddenly turn around right at the end of the song, he replied, ‘‘That’s how I planned it, mate.’’

While only one judge turned around, Dellamarta was thrilled it was Seal who did.

Dellamarta said, ‘‘I was concentrating on the crowd in the beginning but as the song got on I started being aware that no chairs had turned.’’

So he took it up a notch, which the crowd loved. His nerves were at their worst when he got on stage but his adrenalin levels were through the roof towards the end of the song.

He says at the end it all became a blur.

So far the show has been a real confidence booster for the Canberran, who admits to having been lazy in the past when it came to pursuing his music career. He went on the show because he wanted to make his family proud.

The Voice’s music production team has since talked to Dellamarta about his music taste and asked him to get familiar with Seal’s music.

‘‘I know the calibre of performers that have gone through and I feel humbled to be in that company,’’ Dellamarta said.

On average, close to 60,000 Canberrans tuned into The Voice on Sunday. Sunday’s show also managed to lure 87,658 Canberra viewers.