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Security won't be noticeable

Neither Royal Military College Duntroon nor the Australian Defence Force Academy will be visibly affected by a tightening up of security procedures at defence bases in the wake of a terrorist plot against the Holsworthy Army Barracks.

Defence conducted a comprehensive review of base security across Australia following the discovery of the Holsworthy plot in 2009.

As of last Friday, vehicles and individuals entering the Holsworthy Army Barracks became subject to random searches.

"The purpose of the identification, search and seizure process is to detect and deter the illegal movement of dangerous items onto Defence bases," a Defence spokesman said.

The searches are being carried out by Australian Federal Police.

The security upgrade is to be rolled out progressively across the country.


While Defence would neither confirm nor deny if the random searches were going to be introduced at Duntroon and ADFA for "security reasons", the spokesman indicated there would be no discernible changes.

"There will not be any changes to the open nature of Duntroon or ADFA as a result of this capability," he said.

"A search capability is currently in place at Headquarters Joint Operations Command in Bungendore."

Admission to the Majura live firing range is also strictly regulated.