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Take extra care around schools, police say

Thousands of school kids will take to two wheels to get to school on Friday, prompting pleas that motorists be careful near school zones.

The ACT will hold the first-ever Avanti Ride Safe to School Day, part of an initiative to get more of the city's kids riding to school.

The event aims to teach kids to reach their schools safely, by instilling lessons on road, pedestrian and cycle safety.

It has sparked warnings to Canberra's drivers to be mindful of their behaviour in 40km/h school zones. Last month 88 drivers were fined for driving behaviour in the zones.

The worst offender was a Bruce man who was caught speeding at well over double the 40km/h limit. He was caught at 92km/h, fined $1811, and had six demerit points added to his licence.

Traffic operations sergeant Rod Anderson said the 40km/h speed limit was important because it gave drivers enough time to react and stop in unexpected situations.


''Children are our most vulnerable road users because their unpredictability exposes them to the highest risk when around traffic,'' Sergeant Anderson said.

''With that in mind drivers should be extra cautious around school zones,'' he said.

The Ride Safe to School Day is also being used as a chance for parents to talk to their kids about bike and scooter safety.

Police say they are expecting thousands of children to take part in the event.

Kids who live too far away from their school are likely to ride part of the way to school, and put their bike in a car for the rest of the way.

Sergeant Anderson warned drivers to be ''vigilant'' on Friday, and said police would be enforcing the speed limit around school zones.

Meanwhile, police have expressed outrage at a drink driving incident earlier this week.

Two drivers were caught driving the same car within an hour of each other on Tuesday night.

Police first stopped the blue Mazda 6 on Caswell Drive in Aranda about 8.40pm, and a 22-year-old returned a blood alcohol concentration of .079.

The driver and passenger then swapped places behind the wheel, and police pulled the same car over on the same street at 9.40pm.

A 21-year-old driver allegedly failed a roadside screening test, and was taken to Belconnen police station, where he returned a blood alcohol reading of .063.

He was using an international licence, which subjects the driver to a zero alcohol limit. The licence was immediately suspended.

Both men will face the ACT Magistrates Court.

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