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Teenage boy allegedly stole alcohol from University of Canberra supermarket

A 16-year-old will face ACT Children's Court on Monday for aggravated robbery after shoplifting alcohol from a University of Canberra supermarket.

Two teenage boys, a 13-year-old and the 16-year-old, entered the supermarket in Bruce at 4pm Saturday, police say.

They allegedly placed bottles of alcohol into a zipped bag but were asked to wait for security to check their bags.

ACT Policing say one of the boys threatened a staff member and then both teenagers left the store before a call was made to police.

Police found the teens walking away from the supermarket and took them to the Belconnen Police Station to be interviewed.

They released the 13-year-old but charged the 16-year-old with a number of offences including aggravated robbery and damage to Commonwealth property.