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Traffic fine scam targets Canberra drivers again - as well as police

A new version of a scam asking Canberra drivers to cough up money for negligent driving has appeared in email inboxes - including ACT Policing's.

Last week police warned residents of an email claiming to be from the Australian Federal Police and asking people to pay a $150 traffic infringement notice for negligent driving.

ACT Policing has warned of a new scam email fining residents $161.64 for "irresponsible [sic] driving a car" - after the scammers sent the email to the police.

The "traffic violation notice", which is riddled with typos, also includes an option to "delist from mailinglist".

The email originated from the address,

Police have urged recipients to delete the email without clicking on any attachments, as opening the links could infect computers with a virus. 

The first version of the scam email last week infected some computers with malware, stopping recipients from using their device.

Police have also warned of similar emails with AFP or Commonwealth of Australia branding.