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Tuning up for a massive musical extravaganza

It can be any type of music at this weekend's AusFest in Canberra and Queanbeyan, just as long as it's original.

Well mostly.

That's the promise from the event's promoters, who are looking in the capital region for a permanent home for the annual festival.

The promoter, Kelvin Fahey, said the Australian Independent Music Festival would l have something for everyone, with all types of music.

The three-day event to be staged at four venues in Canberra and Queanbeyan will feature 20 acts running the gamut of musical genres.

There will be punk, dance, metal, folk, hip-hop, electronica, classic rock, power rock, plain old-fashioned rock, adult contemporary, pop, power pop and classic pop too.


With a Black Sabbath tribute outfit in there too, anyone who still feels left out just isn't trying.

Mr Fahey reckons that Canberra's music fans like their beat original regardless of category.

"Indie festivals seem to have a good feel with the locals here," he said. "They like a bit of alternative but they also like original singer songwriter stuff and it doesn't matter what genre, they just like original material.

"We try to give credit where credit is due across all different genres."

Mr Fahey, who is also president of the Australia Independent Music Association, said the festival would like to make Canberra and Queanbeyan its permanent home after taking a year off in 2012 and being flooded out of Brisbane in 2011.

"It [the festival] started in Melbourne and then moved to Adelaide and it moved around a bit, just like the National Folk Festival used to do," Mr Fahey said.

"We thought; why not try the Canberra Queanbeyan area, at least for a five-year trial?

"It's halfway between Sydney and Melbourne and we won't get flooded out here, the weather is usually pretty good here, and just after Summernats, it'd be a pretty good fit."

■ The Australian Independent Music Festival: Old Canberra Inn, The Basement in Canberra, and Queanbeyan's Artists Shed and Benedict House from January 11 to January 13.

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