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Visitors to Parliament House voice their opinions about federal Liberal Party leadership

Crowds on Saturday were busy chatting on the lawns of Parliament House about who might rule the roost following Tuesday's proposed Liberal party leadership spill.

Jenny Stevens, Geraldton, WA

I'd like to see Tony retain it and keeping plodding along. There is too much turmoil when they start doing these things and I think it only detracts from the party. I believe Julie Bishop said she would back Tony, I'd like to see them all do that, and the two that started all of this can get the flick.

Mark Stevens, Geraldton, WA

I feel that Tony Abbott is the right man for the job but he needs people behind him to give him a fair chance.

I would hope that after Tuesday this party spill is enough to say "pull your head in and get over it".


Steve Patterson, Rockingham. WA

I personally think Abbott lacks charisma as a leader. He is just not a popular figure.

I think Julie Bishop would be good but the last lady leader didn't make it. Bishop is capable, but a woman has to be someone of the ilk of Margaret Thatcher until Australians get used to the idea of a female Prime Minister. 

If a leadership challenge doesn't work it will end up as a general election and it's tailor-made for Labor now.

John Croker, Turner

I think it will be interesting to see if there is support for Malcolm Turnbull because he was thrown out while in opposition.

I'd like to see him in because he is a bit moderate and [more] balanced than Tony Abbott is and he would be a better leader to appeal to the moderate centre.

I think it makes sense that Bishop is against the spill initially but if they decide to take it to a secret ballot, then she shouldn't hold back.

We have seen how debilitating [leadership tensions] were for Labor. The Liberals were pretty strong in the lead up to the last election, ... they were stable in contrast to Labor so it will be hard for them to say that credibly now.

Rachel Ratcliffe, Nicholls

I think it's a waste of time. If it is that Abbott loses a leadership vote, there are good options in Bishop and Turnbull. I hope a decision is made and they get on with it.

Arriving from Johannesburg we had Gillard, Rudd and then Abbott.

Each of them was hailed as a hero when they came in and were then slaughtered.

There is a distinct pattern that the leader takes the fall, everyone sits back and says, "We are not a party; it's his or her fault."

 I don't think for the next leader, if there is a new one, it will be any different.

Jason Basiuk, Seabrook, Victoria

I'd like to see the Liberal government gone full stop so whoever is the leader doesn't matter to me.

Male or female it doesn't matter for the leader, but I think Julie Bishop is the most stable politician that there has been in Liberal government for a long while.

Craig Deane, Hobart, Tas

I'd like to see Turnbull. The government is really a very big business. If it is not run by people who have a fundamental understanding of it then you can't expect everything to run well.

In a leadership role or a treasury role you need that strong business background.

I think Turnbull would be a better communicator with the public.

Glen Hodgeson, Dickson

You are better off with Clive Palmer in there than any of them.

No matter who is the leader of the Liberal party, they are on the way down.