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Vojneski to stand trial over stabbing death of partner

The man accused of stabbing his partner to death in a Macgregor home has been formally committed to stand trial for murder.

Aleksander Vojneski, 29, faced a short committal hearing in the ACT Magistrates Court today.

He is alleged to have killed Paula Conlon, 30, in the northside home in March last year.

Ms Conlon - a carer and mother-of-three - was found dead with multiple stab wounds in her home by a family member.

Defence lawyers had previously raised concerns over Vojneski being fit to plead.

Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker said on Tuesday she was convinced the prosecution had enough evidence to put the murder case before a jury.


The matter is expected to first come before the ACT Supreme Court for a mention on March 7.

Vojneski's lawyer, defence barrister Jack Pappas, called no witnesses on behalf of the accused killer during the committal hearing on Tuesday.

Ms Walker asked Vojneski if he had anything to say during the brief hearing, but Mr Pappas responded that his client did not.

On Monday, Mr Pappas cross-examined a hearing-impaired witness who claimed he heard a "terrible" scream, followed by the sound of a car door shutting and a vehicle driving away.

The witness, a neighbour who was in his garage working on his car, described the scream as high-pitched, and "like something you'd hear on a horror movie".

The witness was 60 per cent deaf in both ears, the court heard earlier.

Mr Pappas asked questions while looking down at the bar table on Monday, to prevent lip-reading, and the witness admitted he could not hear the questions.

Ms Conlon - who became an Australian citizen more than five years ago after moving from Britain - died of multiple stab wounds sometime on March 27 or March 28.

Vojneski and Ms Conlon were believed to be in a relationship.

Vojneski was remanded in custody.