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Weekend buses, cycle paths slated in transport plan

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A bus timetable that is the same seven days a week is a key feature of the new ACT government transport strategy announced today.

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell said the change had come out of community consultation on Canberra's public transport system "so that people don't have to interpret a completely different timetable for their weekend services."

He said the move away from a timetable that changes on the weekend would help build community confidence that the public transport system could be relied upon and increase the number of people using buses.

The government also announced that by 2021 all Canberrans would be within a 10 minute walk of public transport services operated on a 30 minute frequency, halving the maximum wait times that some commuters face now.

In the short term, Canberrans can also expect to see 600 upgraded bus stops and 12 major new bus stops installed by the end of the year.

There are also plans for 30km of new cycle paths across the territory.

Mr Corbell said the government aimed to increase the number of Canberrans walking, cycling or using public transport to get to and from work to 23 per cent by 2016, and that light rail options would be considered on a case by case basis for major transport corridors.

The strategy also includes plans for ring roads for traffic that integrate with central road corridors for public transport.