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Woman considered jumping from 14th floor window to escape attackers, court hears

A woman allegedly abducted and raped by two men considered jumping from a 14th storey Belconnen flat window to escape,  a court has heard.

The woman said she instead hid in a cupboard in a bid to avoid being raped a second time.

Randhir Singh, 21, and Ajitpal Singh, 31, are on trial in the ACT Supreme Court over allegations they abducted the woman from a Belconnen shopping centre.

The men are accused of then sexually assaulting her in a car and at a Belconnen unit in September last year.

Both men have pleaded not guilty to charges of abduction, committing acts of indecency, unlawful confinement, and rape.

The court heard Randhir Singh first chatted with the woman via chat application Tango on September 25. They traded messages about sex and agreed to meet at Kippax Fair Shopping Centre the next day.


The Crown alleges she tried to back out of the encounter, but was blackmailed.

The woman tearfully told the court on Tuesday that Ajitpal had threatened her child and said they would show her husband the Tango messages if she did not come with them.

She said Randhir grabbed her breast and genitals before forcing her to give him oral sex in a car as they drove to Ajitpal's Belconnen flat.

He then allegedly unsuccessfully tried to have sex with her in the apartment block's car park. 

She told jurors she was then taken to a flat on the 14th floor, where Randhir ignored her pleas to be let go and had sex with her in a bedroom.

The court heard a third man, Jaskaran Sandu, 33, allegedly burst into the room during the sex and took two pictures of the woman with Ajitpal's phone.

She said Randhir then got dressed and left the room, but returned to apologise to her. She said she asked to be let go, but he instead left her in the room crying.

"He didn't listen to me. He just left me there," she said.

The woman told the court she got dressed and looked around the room for an escape. She considered jumping out the window but then got into the cupboard when Ajitpal entered the room.

She said he tried to comfort her before threatening to show her husband and her work colleagues the pictures.

He then allegedly forced her to have sex with him before falling asleep.

The trial before Justice Steven Rares continues on Wednesday.