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Woman sent text after alleged rape

A woman allegedly raped by two men texted one of the pair only hours later to ask about his plans, a court has heard.

But she said she had acted normally because she initially wanted to forget the incident had ever happened.

Michael Morris, 22, of Red Hill, and Matthew Holloway, 22, of Bonython, are on trial in the ACT Supreme Court over allegations they raped and committed acts of indecency on the woman while she had been drunk and unable to move on Morris's bed in March 2012.

Both men have pleaded not guilty, claiming the sex was consensual.

Morris has, however, pleaded guilty to committing an act of indecency by filming the sex on his laptop, which he deleted soon after.

The woman said she accompanied the two men back to Morris' bedroom about 3.25am on March 12, where they played a drinking game.


She said she felt unwell, lost control of her body and blacked out. She awoke to find all three of them naked.

The Crown alleges Morris and Holloway then repeatedly raped her.

The court heard she said nothing, could not resist other than to turn her head away and had been frightened she would be hurt.

In cross-examination, jurors heard the woman initiated an SMS conversation with Morris about noon in the same day, only hours after the alleged incident.

She had asked how he felt, if he would take his dog for a walk at the park that day, and ended the exchange with "see you later".

When James Sabharwal, Holloway's defence barrister, asked why she would SMS a man she claimed had just raped her, she responded: "My emotions and feelings were all over the place.

"I was trying to normalise an awful incident. I wanted it to be over."

The woman twice broke down in tears when Jack Pappas, Morris' defence barrister, pointed out she had introduced new evidence in the lead up and during the trial that had not been in her original police statement.

The Crown was forced to concede it had not previously heard parts of the evidence given by the woman from the witness box.

"This is all made up and recently made up," Mr Pappas said.

But the woman replied: "It is not a lie. It was clear to them I didn't want it."

The woman also denied the trio had undressed while playing strip blackjack and she had willingly taken part in the sex.

The trial continues before Chief Justice Helen Murrell on Tuesday.