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Zoolander 2: Has Planet Fashion got in on the joke?

Owen Wilson (Hansel), left, Ben Stiller (Derek Zoolander) and Penelope Cruz (Valentina Valencia) in Zoolander 2.

Lisa Armstrong 10:25 AM   Does satire still work if its targets get starring roles?

Turnbull struggles to embrace change

Mark kenny

Mark Kenny 10:08 AM   The PM's backdown on the GST at the first whiff of grapeshot has punctured overblown expectations.

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Nation's dogs frantically rush to get papers in order

A concerned pug.

The Shovel 9:42 AM   SATIRE: Dogs around the country have checked and re-checked their registration and vaccination details after notorious dog-hater Barnaby Joyce was announced as the second-most powerful person in the country.

How to make the rich pay more tax

Jessica Irvine dinkus

Jessica Irvine 7:49 AM   The problem with a lot of rich people is they didn't get all that money just by toeing the line and playing by the rules.

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The ACT is a refugee welcome zone, and Australia must be too


Yvette Berry 12:03 AM   Canberra leads the nation in providing vital support and services for refugees.

Celebrating white men and their black lovers

Cartoon: The Black Predecessor, The Bulletin, 1894.
Courtesy: National Library of Australia.

Ann McGrath 12:00 AM   Love that crossed the racial divide in colonial days is too often forgotten in our history.

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In the Herald: February 12, 1879

In the Herald dinkus

Lyn Maccallum 8:35 PM   A visit from Ned Kelly and a trip to the museum were reported in the Herald on this day in 1879.

For some children, adoption is the best option

Deirdre Cheers

Deirdre Cheers 9:00 PM   Australia hasn’t a lot to be proud of when it comes to children in care. The impact of past child welfare policies, specifically the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal children, the Forgotten Australians who grew up in institutional care, and the injustice of forced adoption must always be remembered. It is a shameful history.

The GOP created Donald Trump

Nicholas Kristof dinkus Dinkus

Nicholas Kristof 9:00 PM   ​The betting markets now say that the most likely Republican nominee for president is a man who mocks women, insults Latinos, endorses war crimes like torture, denounces party icons and favors barring people from the United States based on their religion.

View from the Street: Will Joyce be our last ever Nationals leader?

Barnaby Joyce prepares for the traditional National Party leadership karate battle.

Andrew P Street 6:48 PM   And maybe Greg Hunt's "Bestest Minister in the Whole Wide World!" award isn't quite as prestigious as he's suggested. Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

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Letters to the Editor

Pezzullo out of line

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

6:17 PM   Does Michael Pezzullo suggest no one should stand up for human rights?


No case for dismantling Canberra cluster


The Canberra Times 5:50 PM    Diluting such clusters of key people in research to pork barrel in the bush is risky.

Fairytale princesses need a few feisty friends

Cinderella is wearing blue these days, but little else in the princess narrative has changed.

Ruby Murray 12:00 AM   Toymakers might be using less pink, but otherwise they're not doing much to empower girls.

F-35 as useful as bringing a knife to a gun fight

US Air Force F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

Jai Galliott 11:45 PM   If the government can be assured of updates and revisions aimed at furthering autonomous operation, the purchase of a small number of F-35s could turn an otherwise blunt knife into a gun without frustrating allies by increasing individual unit prices too significantly.

It wasn't a political stunt, it was a moment of clarity

Life on Nauru offers little hope for children.

Dan Andrews 12:00 AM   Remove politics from kids being returned to Nauru and the answer becomes clear.

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Criminologist: How to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence

The Palaszczuk government is introducing a raft of measures to combat alcohol-fuelled violence in Queensland nightspots, ...

Professor Janet Ransley 4:40 PM   The Palaszczuk government has proposed new measures to reduce the physical, social and economic harm caused by alcohol misuse. The government are right to be concerned about this. Alcohol is thought to be responsible for 4.5% of total disease and injury world-wide, with the cost of these harms to Australia estimated to be from $15.3 billion to $36 billion annually.

Unhappy Valentine's Day?

Natural love makes no demands.

Carol Samuel 4:29 PM   Here's how to get love right, writes Carol Samuel

Labor members erupt with anger over threats to Mark McGowan's leadership

Labor leader Mark McGowan. Nothing to see here.

Brendan Foster 3:25 PM   If everything is peachy keen at the WA Labor party, then why the abuse?

A land tax would reduce NSW inequality

A tax on land would be impossible to avoid and would redistribute wealth to the less well-off.

Tim Ayres 1:23 PM   One of the biggest questions facing New South Wales and especially our state government is how to respond to the rise of inequality.

Sky rail more an eye opener than an eyesore

Station at Murrumbeena, Sky Rail Murrumbeena. Artist's impression.

Julie Szego   Protesters are selfishly moaning about a project that could be good for Melbourne.

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How aged-care became an ethical minefield

The wishes of people in aged care, many of whom lack the judgment they had when they were younger, must nevertheless be ...

Sandra Hills 12:00 AM   Making ethical judgments about the wishes of old people in care is fraught with difficulty.

Beware, the states are about to hike up taxes

Peter Martin dinkus

Peter Martin   Now that a GST rise is off the table, expect state governments to do the tax reform that the Federal Government won’t.

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Madonna King: Graduating with distinctions

Would you be happier for your child to have a lower OP score but have emotional resilience in spades, work well in teams ...

Madonna King   Why are we steadfastly sticking to a system, whether it's the OP score or the 2018 ATAR plan, which acknowledges nothing other than a student's academic test scores?

View from the Street: Greg Hunt, bestest minister in the whole world!

His face is saying what we're all thinking.

Andrew P Street   And how's that whole Closing the Gap thing going, would you say? Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

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Regeneration on the cards for Turnbull's mob


Alex Malley   With the loss of Warren Truss and Andrew Robb, the Turnbull Cabinet is undergoing more of a regeneration than a reshuffle.

Letters to the Editor

Clean energy feasible

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

Don Aitkin's article about the ACT government's renewable electricity program lacks analysis.

Council elections: Need for honest growth debate in 2016

If the cranes over Newstead are anything to go by, there's no slowing down to growth in Brisbane.

Chris Mountford   You may have noticed the city's letterboxes, airwaves, train stations and social media feeds are becoming saturated with campaign messages for March's council elections.

Australian overseas aid seen to be less effective

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and newly-appointed Minister for International Development and the Pacific Steven Ciobo ...

Terence Wood, Camilla Burkot and Stephen Howes   The government needs to come up with a new aid Transparency Charter and be accountable to its standards.

Would GST hike have saved Tony?

John Warhurst

John Warhurst   The conventional wisdom is that leaders in strong positions can take on risky reforms, but big issues can also help those in tight corners.

The new Big Short: China may soon rock the global financial system

Paul Sheehan.

Paul Sheehan   The Big Short is a sensational movie about rotten banks, but an even bigger story about banking may be unfolding in China.

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Australia must commit to closing the nutrition gap

Stephen Simpson

Stephen Simpson   The Closing the Gap health strategy neglects food and diet, despite the benefits of improving Indigenous communities' food supplies.

The breathtaking irony of Ruddock's UN human rights appointment

Pope Francis signs a cricket bat he received from Cardinal George Pell at the Vatican. Pell's dicky heart prevents him ...

Elizabeth Farrelly   I've heard of being kicked upstairs but this is ridiculous. I know people get promoted to their point of incompetence, but the UN? The Vatican? These are not incompetence-friendly situations.

My dad killed himself when I was 13. He hid his depression, I won't hide mine

Amy Marlow and her dad, Doug McDowell.

Amy Marlow   I’m not ashamed of his life or his mental illness or his suicide. The burden of silence ends with me.

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Detoxing from a smartphone addiction

cr: Getty Images
GW - march 28, upfront / now and then

Caucasian woman using cell phone in bed

Emily Sohn   On the first days without the internet, I feel twitchy, unsettled and panicky. Then a feeling a contentment washes over, but it never lasts.

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In the Herald: 11 February 1964

In the Herald dinkus

A collision between two Australian warships off the south coast of New South Wales resulted in one sinking, the Herald reported on this day in 1964.

Save school kids from radical views on sexuality


Kevin Donnelly   Under the guise of anti-bullying, the Safe Schools Coalition is promoting a radical view of gender and sexuality.

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Towers not needed to build density

Paris has density without the need for 60-storey towers.

Benjamin Driver   We should congratulate the Herald for promoting expanded and new public transport projects for Sydney, but at the same time be politely skeptical about the details surrounding some of these proposals.

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Best ad for Australia is its people

Tim Schildberger

Tim Schildberger   It's time we shook off whatever identity crisis we've battled these last couple of decades, and embrace our slightly unsophisticated, but charming personality.

Investigative journalists are finding innovative ways to expose secrets and lies

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes   Most of the fourth estate lacks the time and money needed to prise open the secret doors that the powerful keep locked.

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Letters to the Editor

Trams cost more to run

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

It is necessary to correct the assertions by Kevin Cox (Letters, February 9).

Fifty years of safety from sharks must not be ignored in Queensland

Sharks have been separated from humans for 50 years in Queensland.

Bill O'Chee   If there is one subject sure to attract discussion at surf lifesaving clubs, it's sharks, especially on our most popular beaches. 

In the Herald: February 10, 1979

In the Herald dinkus

The Don and his Invincibles team mates are back in the spotlight.

Racial profiling is not quite what you think

In Australia our police and border agencies claim that they don't use racial profiles.at Australia's airports.

John Coyne and Anthony Bergin   Our border agencies examine behaviour and characteristics to create profiles of high-risk travellers. And this is as it should be.

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Let Aboriginal people take control of their destiny

Illustration: John Spooner

Ben Stephens and Matthew Tyler   Australia will move forward when it cedes power to Indigenous people and demands accountability.

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