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Ramadan is a good time to question crude stereotypes

Jeremy Hillman

Jeremy Hillman 9:41 PM   As with other religions, Islam contains teachings that can be misappropriated by those seeking power, vengeance or destruction. Yet for the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Australia and around the world, their lives are a daily quest for one thing – peace.

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Presbyterian church could stop weddings if same-sex marriage passes

John McClean.

John McClean 9:36 PM   A long and happy partnership may be coming to an end over irreconcilable differences. We've been drifting apart for years and it might be time to face the facts.

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We can't pass the buck on innovation

Jessica Irvine.

Jessica Irvine 9:00 PM   Dual-flush toilets. The bionic ear. Polymer notes. Spray-on-skin. Wi-Fi. Cervical cancer vaccine. The black-box recorder. Zinc sunscreen. The stump jump plough. Hills Hoist. Splayds. Where would we be without our Aussie inventors?

Our cock-eyed response to violence


Jenna Price 6:32 PM   What kind of a government plays the terrorism card and ignores the abuse in homes across Australia that affects us all?

Greece says 'no' to assault on democracy

Greek voters have rejected the austerity demands of the country's eurozone creditors.

Paul Krugman 6:20 PM   The Greeks have paid for their government's sins many times over. If they can't make a go of Europe's common currency, it's because it offers no respite for countries in trouble.

Secure and satisfied: What working mums don't tell you

Tax rates dissuade some mothers from working more than two days a week.

Jemima Lewis 6:19 PM   More young women now identify with pre-feminist gender roles, downplaying the pyschological and financial rewards of having it all.

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Call it what it is - hatred

michael koziol dinkus Dinkus

Michael Koziol 6:18 PM   The problem with political correctness is that it invites us to be liars and frauds. Politicians, especially.

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Walls come down and a city's transformation begins


The Canberra Times 6:15 PM   The former occupants having long since moved on, the demolition of 81 Sternberg Crescent in Wanniassa on Monday proved a dry-eyed affair, watched only by government officials, ACT WorkSafe inspectors and neighbours.

Letters to the Editor

Crunch the numbers

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

6:00 PM   Surely, the argument for, or against, the light-rail proposal comes down to a simple question: are the capital and operating costs over the economic lifespan of the light-rail infrastructure less than those costs for the number of buses required for the same outcome?

View from the Street: So, which unpopular man do you prefer as PM?

Andrew P Street dinkus

Andrew P Street 5:55 PM   Is it the one that's throwing another tantrum about the mean old ABC? Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

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Q&A boycott smacks of a petulant 'captain's call'

Prime Minister Tony Abbott first made the controversial citizenship suggestion in May.

Michael Gordon 4:41 PM   Tony Abbott's decision that ministers will not appear on Q&A smacks of a pointless and petulant 'captain's call' that will hurt the government more than it hurts the ABC.

Abbott right to boycott Q&A's brand of 'gotcha' journalism

Zaky Mallah's appearance on Q&A was the trigger for the PM's ban.

Patrick Hannaford 2:01 PM   The ABC's flagship program regularly nails its colours to the mast, so why can't the Coalition opt not to come aboard?

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Why Greece has passed the point of no return

Paul Sheehan dinkus

Paul Sheehan 12:16 PM   The situation in Greece is so dire that it no longer really matters whether the vote was "yes" or "no" in the national referendum on how to respond to its mountainous debt obligations.

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Overcoming fear of heights to stop new coal mining province

Perth based geologist Ric Davies was out to show support for a responsible resources industry

Ric Davies 8:16 AM   On Saturday, I faced my fears and made my way 50 metres up to the top of the main mast on the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior to show my support for a responsible resources industry. Did I mention I'm also a geologist and I work in, and support, the resources industry?

Marriage equality is a fight for true religious freedom

Tim Dick.

Tim Dick 10:54 PM   ​The declaration that marriage equality is a 20th-order government issue was as welcome as a plate of cold haggis to someone about to fly for 24 hours to be at a wedding of friends from Sydney held in Scotland.

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View from the Street: Join Barnaby Joyce's War on Decadence!

Andrew P Street dinkus

Andrew P Street   And what's a little accusation of endemic corruption between friends? Your news of the weekend, reduced to a snarky rant.

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View of ourselves more myth than substance


The Canberra Times 11:30 PM   The view Australians have of themselves as a liberal-minded people prepared to step up when the occasion demands may be more myth than substance. We've certainly demonstrated a willingness to cut down politicians and individuals with socially progressive goals.

What makes a good godparent?

How will Wills and Kate choose Charlotte's godparents?

Johanna Thomas-Corr   At Sunday's royal christening, we'll find out how well the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have run the gauntlet of choosing spiritual guardians.

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Letters to the Editor

Develop Fluffy blocks

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

11:30 PM   The Mr Fluffy saga is at a critical crossroad that presents a unique opportunity for creative and sensitively developed housing alternatives in Canberra's established suburbs.

Tougher smoking bans are here

Pat Sheil dinkus Dinkus

Pat Sheil   Hopefully there won't be a repeat of last week's prison riot in Melbourne, but there will be many disgruntled smokers in the pubs and cafes of NSW on Monday as smoking bans are broadened to include all dining and most outdoor areas.

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Australia lagging on early-childhood education

Globally, early-childhood education and care are seen as critical not just in promoting workforce participation but in creating foundations for learning.

Deborah Brennan and Sam Crosby   All over the developed world, a revolution has occurred in the way childcare services are viewed: from mere child minding to vital early-childhood education.

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Letters to the Editor

Residents protect plans

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

Your headline "Plans protect residents" (June 28, p18) completely reversed the core meaning of my letter, which was that resident groups (and other public-spirited third parties) are the only parties in the ACT that stand between good, principled, long-term city planning and the stampede for short-term development profits and local government revenues.

Big Idea: Restoring Aboriginal place names

Catherine Armitage

Catherine Armitage   Victoria has Mt Buggery. NSW has a Nobby's Head and a Chinaman's Knob. Tasmania has Dismal Swamp, South Australia has Foul Bay and Useless Loop is in Western Australia.

Uphold people's right to be part of our rich history

Charles Waterstreet

Charles Waterstreet   The character of Sydney is written in its buildings, sometimes very ironically.

Will economists go to war over this one number?

Gareth Hutchens dinkus Dinkus

Gareth Hutchens   Everyone likes it when economists argue, and this could become a big one.

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Too late to balance left and right

Peter FitzSimons dinkus

Peter FitzSimons   "We should forget balancing left and right. It's too late for that. In the same way management can no longer separate journalism from advocacy."

Say goodbye to coal power

The writing is on the wall for coal-fired power.

Mark Diesendorf 11:45 PM   The writing is on the wall for coal-fired power in Australia. Despite federal government attempts to stop the growth of renewable energy, all they can do is delay the inevitable transition.

The ACT should address other problems in prison before demanding inmates give up smoking


The Canberra Times   With drug use on the rise and overcrowding a real concern, banning smoking in prisons would seem to be a long way down the priority list.

Watchdog needed to oversee directors of public prosecutions


Jack Pappas 11:45 PM   Some decisions result in unfairness, significant expenses and stress to members of the public who, when acquitted, have no comeback.

Was there really a Rudd coup d'etat over the mining tax?

The Killing Season

Quentin Dempster   Sarah Ferguson's ABC series left one crucial question unanswered.

With gay slurs, decide which team you're on

Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy   A player who spoke out against a teammate's homophobia is both a hero and a great sporting role model.


Greece caught between a rock and a hard place


The Canberra Times   Greece's predicament has been a long time coming. Some suggest it began the moment it was admitted to the Eurozone in 2001.

The heat is rising on Australia

An unprecedented alliance of major Australian business, union, research, environment, investor and social groups came together to put the splintered climate policy debate back on common ground.

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg   This week we witnessed such a moment in Australia when an unprecedented alliance of major Australian business, union, research, environment, investor and social groups came together to put the splintered climate policy debate back on common ground – and to offer tangible pathways forward.

Senate reform: Careful what you wish for

Richard Denniss.

Richard Denniss   The Australian media has engaged in a far more rigorous debate about how guests should be chosen for the ABC's Q&A program than they have about how senators should be selected to oversee our government.

Commodification of education a slippery slope


Toni Hassan   The daft and radical idea of charging high-income parents for public schooling included in a secret draft of a federation green paper was canvassed by one ABC reporter as an attack on the culture of entitlement. But it might be the opposite. 

Shorten's chance to reveal his true self

Bill Shorten.

Michael Gordon   It was, and is, a big question: "Have you anything to hide?"

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Simon de Montfort and the seed of representative government


J.R. Nethercote 11:45 PM   750 years ago, in 1265, a parliament met at Westminster. Comparable in significance to adoption of Magna Carta, it constituted a realisation of some of the charter's notable ideas. 

What would Confucius say about same-sex marriage?

By citing Confucius, the very foundation of traditional Chinese culture, Justice Anthony Kennedy helped transform a niche conversation into a national debate.

Adam Minter   Gay marriage isn't legal in China, and it won't be any time soon. But thanks to the US Supreme Court, and its decision last week to legalise same-sex unions, the subject is suddenly a national topic of conversation.

Consumers should boycott the world’s big tax-dodgers


There is a simple answer for each of us in dealing with multinational tax-dodging companies.

Politics damaged by relentless money raising

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford   Joe Hockey's lawsuit against Fairfax might serve as a perfect example of how Australian politics, and the Australian law of defamation, is becoming an international joke, not least because they have become sport for the rich. Law, and politics, is something to which leaners, takers and users can no longer aspire.

In the Herald: July 6, 1991

In the Herald dinkus

Stephanie Bull 12:00 AM   Blackmailers kill heart surgeon

Q&A: The two faces of the Abbott haters

Tony Abbott and those infamous signs, outside Parliament House in 2011.

Amanda Vanstone 12:15 AM   The Zaky Mallah matter raises awkward questions for some of the Prime Minister’s harshest critics.

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Sex, lies and Kindle: Or how to keep reader's attention

Leigh Tonkin dinkus

Leigh Tonkin   The ability to hold on to a reader beyond the opening paragraphs will soon determine the size of a writer's pay cheque.

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Rainbows will emerge once the heartbreak passes

Josephine Tovey dinkus

Josephine Tovey   Public support for gay marriage in Australia is overwhelming, but the politics have so far proved impossible.

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