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The roo is innocent


Given that the annual kangaroo cull has killed thousands of kangaroos over the last eight years but woodland bird populations (such as the scarlet robin) are still in decline, maybe we should be looking at causes other than kangaroo grazing.

Barr government kicks own goals, not behinds

ACT Minister Meegan Fitzharris needs to deal with a conflict of interest.

One of the big problems caused by conflict of interest problems in government is that they hardly ever disappear after conflicted players finally admit their previous position is untenable. Disqualification occurred while you denied the obvious. Belatedly facing the truth brings no redemption, restoration of reputation or previous record of good judgment. One has tainted the process; a coat of whitewash will not restore confidence.

Australia's asylum seeker policy in disarray

Manus Island has been deemed illegal by the Supreme Court.

 Papua New Guinea's decision to close the Manus Island detention centre after its Supreme Court unanimously declared it a denial of a right to personal liberty and illegal has been met with little more than a declaration that our government will never allow its residents to come to Australia. 


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