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Latest commentary and opinion

Melbourne’s choice: San Francisco or Adelaide?

Illustration: Jim Pavlidis (after Hanna-Barbera).

Nicholas Reece 12:15am How to transform our economy and create jobs should be the big debate of the Victorian election campaign.


Child-free and quite content, thanks very much

Wendy Squires dinkus

Wendy Squires 12:15am Why should those without kids be subjected to upper cuts from ‘‘martyr mothers’’?

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Terror scaremongering threatens our democracy

Police terror suspect arrest.

Greg Barns 12:15am Hysteria from politicians, police and the press helps no one in these tense times.

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How would a referendum change Australia's racist laws?

George Williams dinkus

GEORGE WILLIAMS Thanks to Scotland, the word referendum is in the air throughout the Commonwealth. Tony Abbott is poised to announce a timetable for a referendum on recognising Aboriginal peoples in the Constitution.


It only takes one drop to swell the tide of terrorism

Fairfax Media writer

PAUL SHEEHAN In October 2002, the US capital Washington was brought to a state of emergency by a single gunman. He used a high-powered sniper's rifle to shoot 13 people. The killings took place over three weeks and put the national capital into a state of siege. The Washington media, in particular, developed a case of collective hysteria, which did not help.

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It's the democratic way, stupid!


Frank O'Shea 12:00am First it was planking, then came neknomination. These are relatively sane compared with the latest which I understand is called the "fire challenge," probably with capital letters.

Yudhoyono's legacy good for the 'big picture', bad for the little people


Marcus Mietzner 12:00am Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s 10-year rule leaves Indonesia with mixed fortunes and a controversial legacy.

Our hopes for the new archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher


Geraldine Doogue 3:19pm With the announcement of Anthony Bishop as the Catholic Archbishop-elect of Sydney, broadcaster Geraldine Doogue lists the key points she would like to see in the leader of her Catholic flock.


What's Going On: Yeah, racist attacks may not be best anti-terrorism strategy

Yep, vandalising a car is a big, brave move.

ANDREW P STREET 6:36pm The news of the day, condensed into a cranky rant by Andrew P Street

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Who needs compulsory super?


PETER MARTIN Why on earth do we need compulsory superannuation? Economists will tell you it's because we are stupid, if they think we need it at all.

Faith fostered in nature's silences

Great outdoors: Bushwalking  serves body and soul.

Jenny McPherson The magnificence and stillness of the natural environment provides spiritual and physical exercise.

Putin's mission to regain Russian prestige

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

DANIEL FLITTON G20 leaders face the awkward decision about whether to un-invite Vladimir Putin to the Brisbane summit in November.

A guy walks into a bar and kills community TV...

The five community stations now have just over a year to change their business model.

David Green Forcing community television to go online by the end of next year will destroy its commercial viability. 

Childcare facilities for gamblers! Is this a joke?

'Gambling venues are adept at presenting at presenting as a refuge.'

JEN VUK Jan Vuk is staggered by the gall of Clubs Australia proposing to have childcare centres onsite at clubs.

Awakening giant of health care suffering death of a thousand cuts

Illustration: Matt Davidson.

Patrick McGorry Though each one of us will eventually suffer from some form of mental ill health, the urgency of reform keeps getting lost in public policy.

A word from the wise - shut up

Sam de Brito dinkus

SAM DE BRITO If you want to be seen, stand up. Want to be heard, speak up. Want to be appreciated? Shut up.

It's the age of experts, and they're everywhere

Annabel Crabb Dinkus Dinkus

ANNABEL CRABB An expert, more and more, is a person with whose findings one instinctively agrees; the rest you can backfill with Google.

Wonderful words can always bring a smile

Peter FitzSimons dinkus

PETER FITZSIMONS I am, you are, we are Australian. We came from the Dreamtime, from the dusty red-soil plain, from all over the world, and we mostly rub along pretty well together. The challenge is to be able to continue to do so, in the wake of terrible forces coming at us from beyond our shores. In this difficult week, no-one spoke better on the subject of home-grown terrorism than Malcolm Turnbull on Friday, on the Today Show. (Thank you, I know.)

Dead rabbits and the ghosts of ICACs past

Kirsty Needham dinkus

KIRSTY NEEDHAM The Shooters and Fishers Party rails against ''city-based government'' and all things ''inner-urban'' in its manifesto.

Tripping the light fantastic in the brain

Catherine Armitage dinkus

CATHERINE ARMITAGE Discovery of a marijuana-like receptor in the brain is opening the path into a new branch of neuroscience.

Adam Cullen biography exposes artist whose stock was shock

Charles Waterstreet dinkus

CHARLES WATERSTREET Adam Cullen would have loved ritual beheadings in Martin Place. His work often depicted headless women (Shut up, nobody wants to hear your stories, 2000) and Nato (1998). His brush had no political or religious purpose like a knife, but his objects and his subjects were sexual and sadistic.

Scots may have got the best of both worlds


JACK WATERFORD It's a sad fact of history that Scottish independence has always foundered from local treachery, politics and the bribability of Scottish patriots.

DIY super funds competition driving industry options

Retirement choices: Industry reacts to competition from DIY super funds.

Daryl Dixon People are interested in the share market or want to access higher interest returns from term deposits could well benefit from the extended range of investment options.

Canberra Airport reveals its artistic side

Prime Minister Tony Abbott with Capital Airport Group chairman Terry Snow and Canberra Airport managing director Stephen Byron during the formal opening of the new Canberra airport terminal on Friday

Tony Trobe This week Tony Trobe talks to Richard Phillips, architect and Canberra Airport aviation projects manager.

Forming adult friendships in modern society is a necessity and a challenge


David Brooks Friendship is a personal relationship that has radiating social and political benefits. But the institution is not in great shape.

Metadata and the subversion of privacy

Julie Novak thumbnail

Julie Novak Opinion The core government responsibility of protecting lives should not have to come at the cost of illiberal privacy subversions, as represented by the data retention proposal.

NSW Government must lift the veil on casino agreements

Sean Nicholls dinkus Dinkus

SEAN NICHOLLS Withholding information about the deals struck between the state government and Crown is not acceptable without a very good explanation.

Aunty going for cheap kicks

Bad show: I can't shake the feeling that perhaps the ABC has moved too far from its core business.

Mitchell Browne Where did soft porn creep into the ABC's charter, wonders Mitchell Browne?

Pushing the boundaries of teen angst

AMANDA DUNN Young people are taking on some adult experiences earlier than in previous generations, and even puberty has managed to unleash itself on children at a younger age.


Is Australia entering a war without end?

Joseph Camilleri

Joseph Camilleri Deeply disturbing violence is gripping Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Egypt and Libya. Joseph Camilleri looks at the conflicts and their connections to the West.

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