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Constitutionally, what is Noel Pearson up to?

Noel Pearson, indigenous rights campaigner photographed for The AFR Magazine s 2007 Power Issue by Louie Douvis. August 2007.   NB  STRICTLY NOT TO BE PUBLISHED BEFORE FEBRUARY 2007 WITHOUT PERMISSION OF AFR MAGAZINE ART DIRECTOR TONY RICE ON  02  9282 2243 SPECIALX POWER

Dominic Kelly 12:15 AM   Is the Indigenous leader’s latest manoeuvre veering to the pragmatic or cunning?

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Abbott has put spill behind him for now

Tony Abbott

Peter Reith 10:21 PM   The Prime Minister's political scare is sure to have made him more wary of the ramification of his decisions.

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Memo Morrison: negative gearers are not battlers

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generic- taxation, finance,morgage.

Peter Martin 12:15 AM   It is disturbing that the policy advice of the Property Council is preferred to that of the Reserve Bank.

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Indonesia's puppet president has hands tied to death penalty

Peter Hartcher dinkus

Peter Hartcher 9:50 PM   Despite worldwide appeals for clemency for the Bali nine, President Widodo may not stop the executions to please his party and public.

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Why take offence at offence?

Rhys Muldoon dinkus

Rhys Muldoon 9:45 PM   I disagreed with most of Scott McIntyre's ANZAC tweets, but I wasn't offended by them.

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COMMENT: Mercy saved for Bali firing squad

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran won't face the firing squad alone on Nusakambangan.

John Birmingham 12:00 AM   It's too late for the condemned, but what price will Widodo pay?

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Be authentic, but don't be offensive


Jenna Price 7:39 PM   Let me be clear – there are good, decent, kind Australians who wish never to have anything to do with Anzac commemorations of any kind, who feel uncomfortable at the way in which it's been turned into a brand.

The home is key to our ageing future


Simon Cowan 7:39 PM   Australia can give pensioners a better financial future by using equity in the family home.

An Anzac reprise

 Nicholas Stuart

Nicholas Stuart 11:30 PM   Anzac Day is a travesty, propagating a glorious myth that prevents questioning how the politicians got away with, almost literally, murder.


Canberra Times Editorial


The Canberra Times 7:36 PM   Nepalese are a tough and resilient people. But the scale of this disaster is of such magnitude that only a major humanitarian relief effort will suffice.

ICAC must be allowed to fight corruption

David Ipp dinkus

David Ipp 6:39 PM    The High Court has hamstrung efforts to stop dishonesty involving public office.

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Storm mop up shows we need to rethink land use

Chas Keys dinkus

Chas Keys 6:38 PM   Another East Coast low-pressure system, storm-force winds, huge waves and flood-producing rains ─ and, as usual, many impacts.

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View from the Street: Joe Hockey catches Pre-Budget Fever!

Andrew P Street dinkus

Andrew P Street 6:19 PM   And the government ignores its own shiny new rules on government advertising. Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

Letters to the Editor

Solemnity appreciated

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

11:30 PM   I commend The Canberra Times for the solemnity, dignity and restraint in the coverage of the centenary of Anzacs.


Like what he said or not, Scott McIntyre should be able to say it

Sacked over Twitter comments: Scott McIntyre.

Karl Quinn 3:58 PM   You don't have to like what he said but SBS reporter Scott McIntyre shouldn't have been sacked for saying it.

In terror, conflating the threats inflates the fear

We should be careful not to exaggerate the role of Islamic State as an inspiration and training ground for jihadist terrorism.

Hugh White 12:15 AM   Australia’s response to jihadist actions is out of proportion to the danger.

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Don't rock the boat on the Anzac tradition

michael koziol dinkus Dinkus

Michael Koziol 1:07 PM   Freedom of speech is all well and good – until you attack our most-revered war commemoration.

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Imagine a happier, healthier, more just Australia

The number of inmates in our prisons is rising 10 per cent a year.

David Crosbie 2:00 PM   Reinventing failure seems to be the default setting of our national policy makers.

Equality is the new sexy

Luke Slattery dinkus

Luke Slattery   Twenty years ago an advocate for greater economic equality could still find himself labelled a socialist – or worse still a communist – and banished from the court of reasonable opinion. No longer. Inequality is fast overtaking climate change as the anxiety du jour.

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Democracy: Use it or we may lose it

Ballot box

Amanda Vanstone   It's a worrying development that so many people who live in democracies are either dissatisfied with politics or, worse still, have little faith in democracy as a system.

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After the storm: What to do about electricity costs

Tracy Howe dinkus

Tracy Howe   Last week's devastating storms have been a stark reminder of just how fragile life can be.

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High health costs can be cut, review shows

Jeffrey Braithwaite dinkus

Jeffrey Braithwaite   The decision of Health Minister Sussan Ley to set up a three-part review of Medicare does some important things.

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Could robots replace women?

Maureen Dowd dinkus. Dinkus

Maureen Dowd   Are women necessary?

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Long live Prince Charles, king of Australia?

Tim Dick

Tim Dick   Prince Charles, next King of Australia, delivered a perfectly apt dawn address to the crowds at Gallipoli, suggesting his rule does not have to be the meddling disaster-in-waiting many fear.

ICAC powers should be restored


The NSW anti-corruption body, ICAC, made a serious error of judgment in deciding on an investigation into a senior NSW Crown Prosecutor, Margaret Cunneen QC, after a girlfriend of Ms Cunneen's son became involved in a traffic accident.

View from the Street: Hey, public figures: think before you Tweet

Andrew P Street dinkus

Andrew P Street   And how's about we monitor the Facebook of the unemployed? Your news of the weekend, reduced to a snarky rant.

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Letters to the Editor

Stronger case needed against negative gearing

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

Following the recent issue of a Treasury taxation paper, there seems to be a campaign to disallow negative gearing.

Yoga pants make great strides in the office

Sam de Brito dinkus Dinkus

Sam de Brito   The trend to figure-hugging gear promises nirvana for interested onlookers.

Make a plan and stick to it

What to do when someone's always late?

Maureen Matthews   How to cure someone of being late for everything...including her grandmother's funeral.

Obama sexes the cherry

31 May 2010 ARTISTS Canberra Times photograph by GRAHAM TIDY Staff Dinkus for Saturday edition. Editor at Large, Jack Waterford. SPECIAL 111

Jack Waterford   The White House has opened its first transgender bathroom.


Crowds set tone of commemoration not glorification of war


The Canberra Times   While remembering those who died for our country in wars over the past century, it has always been a matter of contention how much Anzac Day may glorify conflict.

Future cities on the boil

Catherine Armitage

Catherine Armitage   If the ancient city was an egg, as British architect Cedric Price put it, its modern equivalent is fried.

Letters to the Editor

Dawn of Anzac Day

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

Professor Bruce Stevens gives us a penetrating analysis of the values enshrined in what he calls the Digger Spirituality.

No electricity is the ultimate first-world problem

Rows of trees fell down in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton South.

Heckler   Not having power can make you do silly things, Thalia Rey Lescure found during this week's storms.

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Qatar and Australia make the perfect match

Charles Waterstreet

Charles Waterstreet   FIFA might have given the game away but with a little work, we could all still score.

Does the internet make us think we're smarter than we really are?

Matt Wade dinkus Dinkus

Matt Wade   Beware Dr Google - searching the internet might be making you cocky.

NSW childcare minister faces preschool stoush

Kirsty Needham

Kirsty Needham   Much of what Leslie Williams will do in her new role as NSW early childhood education minister hangs on the Abbott government's upcoming families package.

They came, they went - life goes on

Peter FitzSimons dinkus

Peter FitzSimons   Strange, the tiny things which, though tiny, you just know are going to stay with you for a long time.

The irony of being a disgraced wellness blogger

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb   Is there anyone in the world for whom fewer people right now feel sorry than Belle Gibson?

City planning gears up to go into neutral body

Metro trains and Flinders St rail station.

Farrah Tomazin   The battle over the East West Link validates the need for a neutral body to take the politics out of infrastructure planning.

In the Herald: April 28, 1970

In the Herald dinkus

Stephanie Bull 12:00 AM   Bi-centenary celebrations; Captain Cook's cutlery; Tony Curtis pleads guilty - on this day in 1970.

Time to stop fighting other peoples' wars

Alan Ramsey

Alan Ramsey   Fifty years on and the anniversary of Australia's entry into its first war without Britain, the "mother country" has been ignored, smothered by the jingoism of the circus the Gallipoli centenary has become.

April 27, 1929

In the Herald dinkus

Stephanie Bull   "The steel bridge across George's River and Tom Uglys Point was opened for traffic yesterday," the Herald reported on this day in 1929.

Lest we forget Gallipoli was a disaster

Peter Hartcher dinkus

Peter Hartcher   As we commemorate the Anzacs, it is vital we recognise that Gallipoli was a military debacle we must strive never to repeat.

The coming problem of smartphones being more intelligent than us

artificial intelligence.

Vivek Wadhwa   Are we equipped to deal with the pace of technological advancement?


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