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Terrorism and China: finding our way in the new world order

John Garnaut dinkus

John Garnaut 12:10 AM   Amid global disorder and shifting power balances, Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott have just been given a road map to find their way through.

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Marriage equality needs to come from Parliament, not the courts

Tim Wilson dinkus.

Tim Wilson 12:00 AM   Allowing the Parliament to methodically consider marriage reform is in the best interests of those who want same-sex couples afforded equality before the law.

We should be paying GST on tampons

Jessica Irvine.

Jessica Irvine 11:51 PM   Fresh from his government dumping its promise to pay new mums their full salary for six months and then actually moving to strip some mums of their existing entitlements, Treasurer Joe Hockey has supported removing the GST from tampons.

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Is the US mounting a takeover of international soccer?

Under pressure: FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Noah Feldman 11:44 PM   A US law designed to prosecute crime syndicates will be tested in the case of the seven FIFA officials detained pending extradition to the US.

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Compulsory maths: an answer in search of a problem

The number of year 12 students studying intermediate and advanced-level maths nationally has been in decline for more than two decades.

Deborah King 11:41 PM   Forcing students to do maths until the end of year 12 won’t resolve the real problem.

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Letters to the editor

If electorates favour gay marriage, why fall back on conscience vote?


12:00 AM   A parliamentary vote by truly representative members should automatically reflect national electoral opinion.

In the Herald: May 29 1973

In the Herald dinkus

Harry Hollinsworth 12:00 AM   On this day in 1973, it was revealed a defendant in the Whiskey Au Go Go hearing, James Richard Finch, had bitten off one of his fingers.

Our troubling silence on Boston bomber death sentence

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of all charges relating to the Boston Marathon bombing and has been sentenced to death.

Sarah Gill 7:49 PM   The recent decision in Boston should reminder us of how easily the capital punishment apparatus is hijacked in pursuit of a political agenda.


Australia must take a stand against Blatter's FIFA


The Canberra Times 12:00 AM   FIFA president Sepp Blatter is verging on the delusional.

Craven Parliament has a chance to get it right

Mark kenny dinkus

Mark Kenny 12:00 AM   There has been an important shift in politicians’ attitudes towards gay marriage.

Let radicals show us the Caliph wears no clothes

Waleed Aly dinkus. Dinkus

Waleed Aly 7:27 PM   Returning terrorists can reveal the horrors of IS with more credibility than anyone else. So why strip their citizenship?

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View from the Street: Morrison explains difference between dole, Ikea

Andrew P Street dinkus

Andrew P Street 6:30 PM   And the PM mocks his own government's programme. It's your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

Real care, love and compassion – the alternative to euthanasia


Christopher Prowse 11:45 PM    Euthanasia is dangerous, which is one of the key reasons the Catholic Church has long opposed it.

Writers for roos far removed from reality


Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe 11:45 PM   An open letter from 50 writers, artists and other concerned people was published in the Canberra Times on May 21 deploring the practice of the ACT government of shooting up to 6000 Eastern Grey Kangaroos as a damage mitigation measure.

Man about town

Rhys Muldoon

Rhys Muldoon 5:12 PM   She's a star on the children's entertainment circuit and well-known actress, but Justine Clarke got her start on film in a very different kind of movie.

Derek Rielly: the ease of spending $1000 on a kid's birthday party

Kids birthdays

Derek Rielly 2:26 PM   My youngest son turns eight today. Late last night, sometime around midnight, he climbed into my bed and reflexively pushed his head into a nook in my shoulder to sleep.

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IS radicalises Western youth via the internet? It's not that simple

Oliver Bridgeman,  who is  is suspected of fleeing Australia to join terrorists in Syria.

Samina Yasmeen 12:19 PM   We need to demystify online influence.

We've only monitored a fraction of the Barrier Reef's species

Loggerhead turtle populations are facing a brighter future, but many other species are still in decline, while for others there are no data at all.

Mark Hamann and Andrew Chin 12:18 PM   The Great Barrier Reef boasts a diversity of species found in few other places on the planet.

Ray's Rant: Pokies in Perth are about freedom of choice

Ray's rant

Ray Sparvell 11:03 AM   For the last four nights, I have enjoyed an illicit pleasure, largely denied to West Australians. I have spent the midnight hours . . . playing.

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Listen to someone you don’t agree with - for a change

Online forums have become echo chambers for like-minded people and real conversations are rare.

Mark Brandi 10:34 AM   People can’t handle hearing opposing views any more and it’s snuffing out real debate.

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Revoking citizenship is pointless and absurd

money cover 19 jun
illustration: Jamie Smetkowski

Andrew Zammit   Abbott is suggesting an irresponsible and impractical way to manage terrorists.

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View from the Street: Have YOU made your Citizenship Pledge today?

Andrew P Street dinkus

Andrew P Street   Marriage equality legislation is like buses: nothing for ages, then three at once. Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

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In the Herald: May 28, 1934

In the Herald dinkus

Harry Hollinsworth   Film review, dragged by bolting horses, the future of flighty women - on this day in 1934.

No upside for Andrews in minister’s downfall

Adem Somyurek strenuously denies the allegations laid by a member of his staff.

Josh Gordon   Despite talk of factional payback, allegations of bullying by Adem Somyurek must be taken seriously.

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Talent loves English

World flags

David Brooks   Across the English-speaking world, immigrants are drawn by the same things.

In sport, European royalty has never been more powerful or profligate

Paul Sheehan dinkus

Paul Sheehan   The monarchy of Qatar, in its efforts to buy respectability, has joined the sporting aristocracy of Europe, an aristocracy that has never been more elitist, more exclusive, more imperialist or more profligate.

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Old flaws showing through leadership armour


The Canberra Times   Shades of the Tony Abbott of old – shallow, impulsive, and tin-eared – keep peeking through.

Why do sport-loving Australians hate cyclists so much?

Heckler dinkus

Heckler   Australian culture seems to have some bias against cyclists, writes Thalia Rey Lescure.

Madonna King: What Tim Carmody has to say

Queensland Chief Justice Tim Carmody will deliver his speech on Friday.

Madonna King   Most of the dealings involving Chief Justice Tim Carmody have been leaked. So why not his speech to the North Queensland Law Association conference on Hayman Island tomorrow.

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Opposition to heritage listing negative and parochial


Ken Taylor   What have we done wrong in Canberra to deserve a government that relegates heritage matters to the rubbish bin?

Nash's beautiful ideas in an economics class of their own

A beautiful mind: Professor John Nash.

Noah Smith   The game theory concepts that Nash's math brought to the field were a true paradigm shift in economics.

Leaders and laggards: the Irish and Australia

John Warhurst

John Warhurst   The overwhelming vote in favour of gay marriage in the Irish referendum has hit a sensitive spot in Australia because, despite our substantial Irish heritage, we have often displayed a superior attitude towards the Irish.

Sydney, it's time to stop living with your mother

Paul McNamara

Paul McNamara   How can an adult continue his relationship with a city that has this 1.30am bedtime?

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We must scratch beneath the surface and address social problems at their core

Hisham Karnib dinkus

Hisham Karnib   Entrenched within the blog of Jake Bilardi about his journey towards a calculated suicide attack is an underlying message that is often overlooked.

Vaccination debate: penalising parents not the answer

The measles vaccination is an important healthcare measure, says Dr Young.

Dr Cassandra Dittman   News that some parents are planning their own "vax-free" childcare centres should be a warning sign.

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Roads Minister serves cliches in latte tirade

Elizabeth Farrelly dinkus Dinkus

Elizabeth Farrelly   The man running the biggest, most retrograde project in Australian history is named Dennis Cliche. Seriously.

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How social media amplifies the IS battle cry

Teenagers enjoy the camaraderie of fighting with a common purpose.

Ian Robertson   The internet and social media must be at the heart of a response to teenage radicalisation.

Asbestos curse: Perth mesothelioma sufferer's tale tugs at the heart

Barry Knowles is a walking, talking miracle - and inspiration.

Larry Graham   One day I walked into the Asbestos Diseases Society office to drop off some raffle tickets and walked out in a team that were planning a charity walk from Kalgoorlie to Perth.

Letters to the Editor

Restrict immigration and take the pressure off our infrastructure

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

The article "Traffic jam costs tipped to hit $700m" (May 22, p1) quotes Infrastructure Australia chairman Mark Birrell.


New Pizza Hut meal comes with syringe to inject food directly into arteries


The Shovel   Fast food chain Pizza Hut has launched a new range of pizzas that include eight Four'N Twenty party pies and a surgical syringe to help customers fast-track their premature death.

Malthouse - and in the end...

Mick Malthouse

Francis Leach   Goodbye Mick, we hardly knew you.

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The cost of a slave

Former fishing slaves gather at their temporary shelter in Tual, Indonesia.

Michael Short   The average full-time weekly wage in Australia is close to $1500, which is enough to buy about 15 slaves.

Given (Coke) Life on Norfolk Island

Sam de Brito dinkus Dinkus

Sam de Brito   Who was the bright spark involved in Coke's new beverage launch who thought it'd be a good idea to "give Life" to residents of Australia's most feared former penal settlement?

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It's men who need to go back to work

Ross Gittins

Ross Gittins   One of the main things I've concluded after years in this job is that, though the economic dimension of our lives - the earning and spending of income - is vitally important, it's far from being the only important aspect. And we disregard those other dimensions - the relational, the social, the cultural, the spiritual - at our peril.

Give asylum seekers proper assessments

Age Editorial dinkus.

As part of Operation Sovereign Borders scores of people have been detained at sea for weeks, given cursory assessments as to their refugee status, and turned around.


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