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The push for sound-proof apartments


When Access Canberra revealed there'd been a 45 per cent jump in the number of noise complaints last year, it was left to residents to ponder whether this was because the city was getting noisier or because more Canberrans were becoming intolerant of the sounds of urban life

Celibacy isn't the cause of sexual abuse

On a spiritual level, celibacy allows for a single-minded devotion to God and the church.

As one of an increasing number of young Catholic men who have decided to become a Catholic priest, I am in a privileged position to debunk some of the myths surrounding celibacy and to quell any fears that celibacy is a grave evil.

How Sydney is making us fat

The global trend is toward lively mixed-use centres that are walkable, provide employment that is meaningful and give us ...

I'm a big walker. Sadly, since I moved to Sydney five years ago, the decisive word in that sentence has become "big" not walker.

Say no to the Olympics

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, hands the Olympic torch to the first torch bearer, Brazilian volleyball player ...

The overwhelming news in the lead up to the 2016 Olympics has been about the rampant dysfunction of the host city, Rio de Janeiro, and for good reason. The stories are gruesome and sensationalistic, filled with the kinds of pulpy details that make a mental imprint deeply difficult to dismiss.

Risks in PS toeing the line


The conclusion that the sale of a 30,000-square-metre site on Northbourne Avenue would be "boon for light rail funding" is simply wrong.

Hold parties to account


The presence of a businessman-come prime minister has raised recent discussion in the media on the parallels between running a business and running a government.

"Ignorant" Trump has his finger on the pulse

Donald Trump may be "remarkably ignorant" but has touched on the problems of the white working class which the political ...

Donald Trump is raising several issues that go to the very heart of American politics in 2016. It would be a big mistake to say his growing appeal is simply due to racism and xenophobia.

MH17 a ruse

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

The mainstream Western media have been determined to pin the blame for the deaths on President Putin.

Anti-bikie laws now unlikely


It is unlikely that the ACT will ever get anti-consorting laws given how controversial the proposal is.

Mediocre ministers risk Melbourne's strengths

The cost to the state and water users of the desalination plant is huge.

This is a tale of two cities – Melbourne and Sydney – and their policies concerning urban water supplies and the delivery of containerised cargo from the ports in each city to and from the outer suburbs where factories and warehouses are now mainly located.

The drama shaking up US politics

Roger Ailes, creator of Fox News, has been the creator and destroyer of political ambitions over the years.

If you thought the shenanigans at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were the weirdest thing happening in America this week, you would be wrong.



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