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Canberra's next senator must be fire-breathing, combative and parochial


The Canberra Times 7:34 PM   The next senator for Canberra should....

View from the Street: Tony and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

"Whisper me sweet secrets, Parliamentary Box of Mystery. Preferably about how to turn back time to November last year."

Andrew P Street 7:02 PM   Ever had one of those days, when your entire frontbench is trying to out-stupid you? Your news as a snarky rant

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Canberra property auctioneer fluffs lines

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

5:49 PM   Last weekend, I attended a house auction. There was only one bid. There were four Mr Fluffy owners (that I recognised) in audience. None had registered. The house was passed in.

Gold mine promises town rich future

Dargues Gold Mine at Majors Creek. General manager of the mine, Scott Jones in the box cut at the mine last year.

Andrew McIlwain 3:37 PM   The Dargues Gold Mine will be a source of prosperity for its local community, says CEO of United Mining, Andrew McIlwain.

Time to ban the bouncer?

Chris Rogers is hit by a Stuart Broad bouncer during the Boxing Day Test, 2013.

By Sam de Brito 11:39 AM   Name a sport where you're legally encouraged to attack the head of an opponent with destructive force and you'll get a very short list: Boxing, mixed martial arts and cricket.

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Election veering to boredom territory

Denis Napthine

Josh Gordon 10:46 AM   Elections in this country have become a race to the middle. Will Saturday's election see Denis or Dan in the middle?

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Barack Obama and Ferguson: The cost of being the reluctant black president

Despite being America's first African American president, Barrack Obama has not been able to address the institutional racism behind the Ferguson crisis.

Peniel Joseph 5:27 AM   The Ferguson Crisis is an American crisis — one rooted in racial slavery, Jim Crow, and institutional racism. Key to all of this is denial. Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the way in which the disease of racism infects our entire body politic, along with its institutions, structures, and culture, is a tragedy.

Assisting families in crisis is a community responsibility


The Canberra Times   It's easy to forget there are significant cracks in our society, which should be of concern to us all.

Families of police shooting victims already have the answers

Police tape.

Madonna King 1:00 AM   Families of shooting victims have already produced a thorough report with recommendations designed to stop further shootings.

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Letters to the Editor

Support the isolated

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Judith Ireland and Rick Feneley (‘‘ABC budget cuts: the fallout’’, Forum, CT, November 22) outline various scenarios and views about government cutbacks to the ABC.

View from the Street: Abbott to knock barnacles off, me hearties!

"Heh heh heh. 'Barnacle'. It's a funny word. 'Barnacle'. Heh heh heh."

Andrew P Street   Are we going to finally get marriage equality embarrassingly late? Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant

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Hypocrisy makes a way as children are removed from detention

Belated, selective, passive-aggressive, toy-brandishing, arrest-me, social-media grandstanding: The Love Makes A Way activists.

Paul Sheehan 12:15 AM   A passive-aggressive civil disobedience movement has been underway in Australia for months with activists occupying the offices of MPs and refusing to leave

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In the Herald: November 27, 1977

In the Herald dinkus

Brian Yatman 12:15 AM   Packers wins the fight, a newspaper on the air and students invent the future.

More roads for Sydney not a solution for this century

Sydney is chronically short of transport infrastructure.

Clover Moore 12:15 AM   Premier Mike Baird is going to the March election with an enormous, albeit hypothetical, treasure chest.

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Hospital employing more doctors

Katy Gallagher thumbnail

Katy Gallagher 11:45 PM   There is more scope to employ more specialist doctors directly.

Lateline is vital for our democracy

Mark Hearn thumb

Mark Hearn 11:45 PM   ABC managing director Mark Scott's decision to downsize Lateline ignores the program's vital roles.

Summits won't solve city's Jumbo problem

Elizabeth Farrelly dinkus

Elizabeth Farrelly 12:15 AM   Last week's Bays Precinct summit seemed to echo the G20 in delivering stern international wisdom to the home team. Sadly, there's some doubt whether the home team was, well, home.

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Phillip Hughes: Why we ran the front page photograph

Phillip Hughes.

Darren Goodsir   The image the Herald has published of stricken cricketer Phillip Hughes being cradled by the NSW bowler Sean Abbott has aroused strong reader feedback - and some criticism on social media.

Queensland police have gone all Dirty Harry

Silver screen cop Dirty Harry shouldn't be an inspiration for Queensland police, writes Bill O'Chee.

Bill O'Chee   The shoot first, ask questions later movie cop used to thrill audiences, but that was entertainment, and now it appears life is imitating art.

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Men must change the way they grow up

White Ribbon walk.

Lindy Edwards 12:00 AM   At the end of the day, it is men that set the standards of manhood.

Stop whinging about ABC job cuts

Sam de Brito dinkus

Sam de Brito   Apart from journalists, few Australians care more about the loss of 400 jobs at the ABC than they do about job losses in other workplaces.

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Experts find flaws in national parks

Why are people so keen on parks when society can't afford to look after them?

Peter Fagg and Leon Bren 12:00 AM   Single-interest groups trying to hijack managed forests, say industry experts.

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Is the electricity network privatisation a massive con?

ActewAGL controls about 95 per cent of Canberra's energy market.

George Maltabarow   Almost everyone stands to gain from any privatisation of part of the NSW's electricity network assets.

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Goodbye dollar, hello Bitcoin: is this the end of national currencies?

“You have to be a lunatic to do it": Not all financial advisers are fans of bitcoins.

Matthew Canavan and Sam Dastyari   The emergence of Bitcoins and other forms of digital currency could revolutionise money markets. If competition is so good in markets for products, why shouldn’t we allow competition in markets for currency too?

Letters to the Editor

Wider fallout of Mr Fluffy asbestos homes crisis

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I feel so sorry for any Mr Fluffy owner who was not aware of their homes' contamination.

The ABC versus The Australian - and the winner is ...

Alan Stokes dinkus

Alan Stokes   The Murdoch media business model simply delivers conservative confirmation journalism to what it sees as a like-minded audience.

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ABC puts out more bush-fires than it starts


Jack Waterford   While the ABC's reputation and its credibility has been under sustained assault, it shows every sign of surviving in popular estimation.

View from the Street: Government says yay religion, boo science

Dr San Thang and Dr Ezio Rizzardo, two of the pointless Nobel Prize-nominated researchers cluttering up the CSIRO with their stupid groundbreaking research.

Andrew P Street   Also, your PM takes (briefly talking about) domestic violence seriously. Your news as a snarky rant

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NSW to spend $20 billion and the car is still king

SMH editorial dinkus for online

When does peak hour start and end in Sydney? It just keeps expanding, at both ends of the day and Saturdays seem to be heavy traffic day as people do their chores, their outings and chauffer their children. To this increasing traffic density is going to be added much more high-rise development along rail and road arteries. In Canberra, there is a bi-partisan support for high immigration.

View from the Street: Lambie and PUP, a love too hot to last

"What do you mean, Dio, 'do I ever feel like I'm being watched?'"

Andrew P Street   We have a new independent senator, and 400 fewer ABC employees. Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant

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Home truths: high prices are here to stay

Ross Gittins dinkus Dinkus

Ross Gittins   The pressures of urban geography in Australia's largest cities are likely to stave off possible market collapse.

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In the Herald: November 26, 1952

Brian Yatman   Sir Douglas Copland (ANU Vice-Chancellor) said that Australia would soon have "two civilisations - British and non-British".

Time Australia moved on from coal


The Canberra Times   The comments from one of the world's biggest miners, BHP Billiton, that it was ready to move away from coal if its environmental downsides could not be addressed, place further pressure on the federal government to reconsider its stance on renewable energy.

Management of Lake Burley Griffin a mess that needs government action

Plans for recreational development in Grevillea Park, Lake Burley Griffin.

Juliet Ramsay   There's vital need for a consolidated management plan for Lake Burley Griffin before all its lakeshore parklands are destroyed, writes Juliet Ramsay.

We need to do more to help mothers with unwanted babies

Jenna Price Thumbnail

Jenna Price   Sydney's abandoned baby brings us all together in outrage and despair: how could the mother do this? What kind of society permits this? Why isn't there a better route for women who want to give up their babies.

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Creators should benefit when their copyright is stolen

Blanche d'Alpuget

Blanche D'Alpuget   A recent Herald article about a university fining students for illegally downloading movies and other materials and then putting that money towards campus costs, rather than to creators, draws comparison with another era.

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How Bollywood mirrors and moulds Modi's new India

A hint of Bollywood: Australian Indians break into dance before the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an event in Sydney on November 17.

Pankaj Mishra   India's popular film industry offers one of the clearest windows on the evolution of the country.

Palmer's everyman image battered by big-money backflip

Tarnished: Clive Palmer's populist image has been dinted.

Lindy Edwards   Jacqui Lambie's stand risks painting Palmer as someone who quietly bats for the big end of town behind closed doors, while claiming to stand up for the little man in public.

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Why aren't more women doing MBAs?

Alex Frino dinkus

Alex Frino   Here's a shocking statistic: less than one-third of the pool of students studying for an MBA is female.

Yooralla failings: no more excuses

Gone: Yooralla chief executive Sanjib Roy resigned after damning revelations of sexual abuse and violence towards those in the agency's care.

Alan Blackwood   Victorians with disabilities and their families should not have to rely on whistleblowers to keep them safe.

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When politician's promises mean absolutely nothing

Colleen Lewis   Voters should focus on accountability and transparency when political pledges are hollow.

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Going nowhere, with the nowhere man

Nicholas Stuart.

Nicholas Stuart   If he can't manage a renovation, how can Tony Abbott hope to manage a country?

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Australian footy codes can do more to fight domestic violence

Ray Rice was pictured knocking wife Janay (pictured with Rice) out cold in an Atlantic City casino.

Tony Buti   The NFL's response to domestic violence has been pitiful. Here in Australia, we've done better - but we still have a long way to go.

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Abbott clueless on how to handle US and China

Hugh White dinkus

Hugh White   The PM is swinging wildly between two poles of regional power, probably mistaking insincerity for clever diplomacy.


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