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Selfieconomics - days of the young and self-obsessed

Young people need to wake up and realise life is going to be tougher for them than their parents.

Alex Millmow 2:40 PM   Those beautiful young things are descending on the universities. In the first week of the academic year there will be lots of selfies in their new surrounds… one in the library, one in the union building, one in the lecture theatre. OMG, even their lecturers might play along !

Derek Rielly: How to survive a 40th birthday party

Derek Rielly, birthday

Derek Rielly 1:12 PM   Sure, 13, 21 and 30 are biggies, but there's nothing like your 40th, writes Derek Rielly.

It's murder being President

Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Mark Henshaw 12:39 PM   Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran's fate was sealed the day Joko Widodo was elected president.

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Why women leave the Christian church

More women are questioning their treatment by evangelical Christian churches  .

Josie McSkimming 12:37 PM   Male treatment of women in evangelical Christian churches has again hit the headlines.

Baby Boomers put the boot in to young people

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Nicholas Reece 12:27 PM   Abbott and Hockey talk of intergenerational theft, yet they seek to deny young people the benefits of government largesse that their generation enjoyed more than any other group in history.

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Will you, can you, maintain your rage?

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Rick Feneley 11:59 AM   Will you maintain your rage? How will you respond, beyond your immediate revulsion, distress and anger at the 10 executions in Indonesia?

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Science community begs government to continue funding vital research infrastructure

Great Barrier Reef: A communications tower, part of Australia's ocean observing system, IMOS, that may be forced to shut down in June.

Andrew Holmes and Alan Finkel 10:56 AM   Imagine if the Australian government said it would stop paying train drivers. There would be a public outcry as hundreds of thousands of commuters were left high and dry while the trains were left to gather dust and rust. It's hard to think of anything more wasteful.

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Clear parallels seen between death penalty and 'Stop the Boats' policy

Simon Longstaff oped dinkus

Simon Longstaff 9:21 AM   The death penalty and the indefinite detention of asylum seekers are both examples of the cruel maxim "the ends justify the means".

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Senator Rhiannon's speech crosses line into ethical violence

Paul Sheehan.

Paul Sheehan 2:19 AM   When it comes to ethical violence, the Liberals are adept at bastardry, Labor is legendary for incubating hatred and vengeance, and the Nationals, benign by comparison, have a weakness for pork-barrelling. The Greens manage to trump this field.

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Tunnel vision for taxi drivers and Tony Abbott

Elizabeth Farrelly dinkus Dinkus

Elizabeth Farrelly 1:51 AM   My airport taxi-driver recently had a little rave. Cabbies, he confided, have special knowledge – which days people sleep in, sites of the traffic-jams du jour, that sort of thing. They also know, he said, how to talk to people, tailoring the topic to the type. I knew then it'd get interesting.

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Sending Australian troops to Iraq won't solve the problem of IS


The Canberra Times 12:00 AM   The lack of a clear logic in Iraq suggests this is yet another attempt by Abbott to bolster his popularity.

Remembering Boris Nemstov

People march in memory of Russian opposition leader and former deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov in central Moscow.

Chris Hammer 7:01 PM   Boris Nemtsov always knew he was pushing the boundaries of Russian politics.

Involvement in Iraq may have unintended consequences

John Blaxland dinkus

John Blaxland 11:45 PM   Given our troops there have been incident-free and the Iraqi Government is welcoming this deployment, it seems a not unreasonable level of commitment – and one that can be sustained for some time. But there are disconcerting signs.

Nationals not the problem but not the solution either

John Warhurst

John Warhurst 11:45 PM   Much has changed for the better as far as the Nationals are concerned.

Ageing boom not ageing bust


Ian Yates 11:45 PM   Hold onto your chairs because Treasurer Joe Hockey will be releasing the fourth Intergenerational Report on Thursday.

Leaving and Cleaving

David Brooks dinkus

David Brooks 11:45 PM   Instant communication creates a new sort of challenge.

View from the Street: Oh that's right, Clive Palmer still exists

"Now, allow me illustrate the political fortunes of Palmer United with the following graph…"

Andrew P Street 5:36 PM   And the PM attempts to woo Jacqui Lambie with a seductive dance of defence pay increases. Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

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Letters to the Editor

Values have changed

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

11:45 PM   Attitudes have changed so much it would be unconscionable to leave the gargoyles where they are.

Reflections on the penis pecking order

Sam de Brito dinkus Dinkus

Sam de Brito 4:27 PM   I used to worry about it but, in the end, it's like your skin colour - what can you do about it? You just accept it and move on.

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Hard line on Iran nuclear deal would be disastrous

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says world powers "have given up" on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Michael Krepon 4:07 PM   A deal restricting Iran's nuclear program in verifiable ways is far better than leaving it unrestricted and unmonitored.

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Bali nine duo executions: Two wrongs don't make a right

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Madonna King 1:00 AM   Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran did something truly terrible, but the cost of that shouldn’t be their lives.

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Independence puts Triggs in a position of strength

Gillian Triggs President of the Human Rights Commission appearing before a Senate Committee in Canberra.

David Letts   The Abbott government's attack on Professor Triggs are unprecedented attacks on the separation of powers doctrine, one of the cornerstones of our legal and parliamentary heritage.

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Dodging the 'shoulds' of feeding a family

Having family meals together has to be a good thing whatever you're serving.

Karen Hardy   Since when did it become anyone's business what I feed my family?

Dan Andrews enters the political danger zone

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Josh Gordon 12:00 AM   As the Premier clocks up 100 days in the job, he wants us to know he’s ‘getting on with it’.

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Children in detention report should be compulsory reading


Toni Hassan   One of the few Canberra residents allowed to visit asylum seekers on Nauru was approached by an eight-year-old girl last year. In a small voice the child asked: ‘‘Why am I in prison?’’

In the Herald March 5, 1936

Lyn Maccallum 12:00 AM   May Day demand

Economists ignore the crowd

We are a nation of city-dwellers. Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world.

Ross Gittins   It's remarkable how few new ideas most economists get. They look at the world the way they always have.

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McMansions crowding out the once garden city

The ACT's only positive - housing growth - could eventually lead to a damaging oversupply.

Jane Goffman   The character of older Canberra suburbs is shifting before our eyes.

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What you can do at work to stop the violence in our homes

If you think someone is experiencing domestic violence, don’t dismiss it, don’t blame the victim and don’t look the other way

Anne Cross, The University of Queensland   When Barbara, a 28-year-old mother of two pre-school boys, Josh and Noah, left her violent husband, she never expected to be punished for it at work.

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Buse cover-up leaves toxic legacy for Knox Grammar School

At Knox there was one mould for boys to fit, and those who were different were left behind.

Alan Dearn   We were sitting on the grass at the side of Knox Grammar School's main oval in 1987; it must have been in my final few weeks of school. The memory of an awkward moment with Mr Fotis  the religion teacher sitting right behind me popped back into my mind when I saw his name deeply implicated in evidence before the Royal Commission into sexual abuse.

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Why death by firing squad is so horrifying

Bali nine duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Leonard Lee   My flesh crawls with revulsion; my stomach heaves. My imagination is on overload. It haunts me. I cannot get the idea of the execution by firing squad of the Bali Nine duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran out of my mind

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Why prime ministers hate leadership polls

Sally Young.

Sally Young   Political polls have been used in Australia since the 1940s, when Robert Menzies first took exception to the calculated blow they can deliver.

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For Christians who missed the memo: the Bible abhors all domestic abuse

Sandy Grant dinkus

Sandy Grant   Scripture about marriage should not be twisted as a cover for abuse.

Children who lose parents and siblings: how we can help

Alan Stokes.

Alan Stokes   Sending grieving children to Disneyland to find joy out of sorrow seems a wonderful idea for a charity. But can James Thomas turn his dream born from personal tragedy into a success?

Letters to the Editor

Medicine is safe

Canberra Times Letters thumbnail

Accusations that may frighten people into stopping their medication, are irresponsible and frankly, dangerous.

Let's teach Iraqis to lose with style

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford   Perhaps there is no choice, as the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott says, about sending good money after bad in Iraq.

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Does reality tv horror lie in the watching or the posing?

Reality TV participants are reduced to objects of viewer gratification, writes Bill O'Chee.

Bill O'Chee   It's hard to tell who in reality TV is worse - the viewers or the viewed.

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Preventing family violence should not be victim's responsibility


The Canberra Times   Last week in Canberra, a one-week-old baby and her two brothers, nine and 11, had their mother snatched away from them when Tara Costigan, 28, was allegedly killed with an axe in her home. Her ex-partner Marcus Rappel has been charged with her murder and is accused of also seriously injuring two other people in the attack.

View from the Street: Vale, GP Co-Payment, we hardly knew ye

"And yes, we're definitely not ever going to reintroduce this policy the second that it becomes less politically damaging to d… sorry, I can't say that without laughing."

Andrew P Street   And let's send some more troops to Iraq, eh? Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant.

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Time to revisit the Medicare reform conversation

Leave politics aside and focus on the truth about Medicare.

Terry Barnes   Let's leave politics aside and focus on the truth about Medicare.

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End uncertainty on refugees

Hands of Syrian Kurdish children are seen holding a fence in a UNHCR  refugee camp, at Suruc, in Sanliurfa.

Brad Chilcott   It's time for activists to shift focus to offering safety.

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James Hird's Essendon story has yet to be told

Many Essendon fans continue to support James Hird.

Scott McNeice   It still puzzles many Essendon fans as to why coach James Hird was aggressively targeted and nominated as the architect of the club's ill-fated supplements program.

Will our policies drive people to radicalism?

What will be the cost of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's efforts to rescue us from the threat of terrorism?

Clarke Jones   The government shows little understanding of the the underlying causes of terrorism.

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A battle for equality won, but the struggle goes on

No, the world hasn't been turned on its head. The rainbow flag has been raised over the University of Sydney.

Michael Kirby   What would Sydney University's long-time, and formidable, Registrar (1955-1967), Miss Margaret Telfer, make of an occasion celebrating 'gay' and 'queer' students arriving in droves at the University of Sydney?  Of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor actually welcoming them in the hallowed precincts of the Great Hall?  And of that strange rainbow flag floating above the clock tower in the quadrangle?  "Has the world been turned on its head, Sir Stephen?", she would no doubt ask Sir Stephen Roberts the University's grumpy Vice-Chancellor.

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AFL model could save greyhound racing

Greyhounds and their trainers arrive at the racetrack.

Geoff Slattery   Australian greyhounds are the best in the world, as are our breeders and trainers; all deserve the best administration with a national perspective, vision and power to manage their rights, and the rights of all those who rely on this industry for their livelihood.

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