Racist? Bah humbug


I regret that, for operational reasons, I can't reveal what I really think of this banana republic's Immigration Minister (''Abbott's lifeboat solution'', January 8, p1).

Garth Setchell, Mawson

If, as proposed, the government gives refugees who are on the high seas a state-of-the-art lifeboat to return to Indonesia, would it not be possible for them to wait until the naval vessel was out of radar contact then, with devilish cunning, take a circuitous route to Australia in the lifeboat?

Howard Carew, Isaacs



''Australia est. 1788'' racist (''Nod from the top on 'racist' T-shirt'', January 9, p1)? Bah humbug. While a very small minority of Australia's 23 million people may regard January 26, 1788, as ''invasion day'', for the vast majority that date represents the founding of modern Australia. And that's how it should be looked at.

Don Sephton, Greenway

A more accurate slogan would be ''Australia invaded 1788''.

Mary Samara-Wickrama, Weston


Monica Pflaum (Letters, January 9) is correct when she asserts that Jesus would not judge a family on its configuration. Cory Bernardi should reflect that the Bible tells us that Joseph was cuckolded by God, but he still had the good grace to raise this bastard child as one of his own (''Bernardi comments dodged by PM'', January 7, p1).

Peter Snowdon, Aranda

It takes two to tango, Mark Slater (Letters, January 9): yes, IVF babies are ''made from'' human sperm, but they'd be beating their heads against a brick - sorry, glass - wall if there was no human egg involved.

Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin


After seeing the ABC's promos for its news and current affairs programs recently, I have discovered at least one thing Tony Abbott has said that is true and changed. On election night, he declared the ''guvment'' (oh how I wish he would learn to pronounce that word correctly) ''of Australia has changed''. Oh so true, but certainly not for the better.

L. Christie, Canberra City


Pope's cartoon (January 8) reminds me of the following question posed in the film Go Trabi Go: Q. What's the difference between a Trabi (East German car) and a condom? A. None, because both stop the flow. Could the same be said of our border-protection force?

Brian McGlynn, Kambah