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Sony lobbied Netflix to stop Aussie VPN users

Tim Biggs   Leaked email  shows Sony executive complained people sneaking into US service is "another form of piracy".


Car hacking is occurring here

Ben Grubb   Cars with keyless entry systems are vulnerable to power amplifiers, Australian police confirm, and the devices are already being used by criminals.


Uber turns to customers, Twitter in taxi fight

This is what an Apple Watch game looks like

Twitter out to crack down on abusive tweets

Review: Foxtel iQ3 personal video recorder

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The 10 best (and worst) jobs for 2015

If you're feeling rotten about your work, a new survey from a US job-search site has identified perhaps your best and worst options for a career change.

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The next pill you swallow might have a computer chip in it

Drew Turney   It may take more than a spoonful of sugar to make the public accept the idea of swallowing a tiny computer that reports on their health.

How Periscope plans to tackle abuse

Josephine Tovey   The new live-streaming app Periscope has already taken action against "thousands" of users.


Name your price: Dallas Buyers Club

Hannah Francis and Ben Grubb   In a shift from speculative invoicing, the film studio is letting alleged pirates make an offer.



Samsung releases new 4K TVs in Australia

Tim Biggs   To appeal to customers not likely to be impressed by its procession of scientific-sounding buzz-phrases, Samsung will be offering free 4K Netflix with new TVs.



Chess grandmaster used iPhone hidden in toilet

Michael E. Miller   Gaioz Nigalidze's rise through the ranks of professional chess began in 2007, the year the first iPhone was released. In hindsight, the timing might not be coincidental.

Fairfax to launch Apple Watch news apps

Stephen Hutcheon   Fairfax Media will launch new apps engineered to bring Australia's most trusted news brands to the Apple Watch.

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Trying to give up piracy? These tools can help

Adam Turner   Aussie pirates looking to go legit can turn to a new generation of content search engines.


Rich kids use Instagram, poor kids Facebook

Hannah Francis   Wealthier teenagers are more likely to use Instagram and Snapchat compared to their less well-off peers: study.


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Hands on review: Foxtel iQ3 personal video recorder

Adam Turner    A PVR for the Netflix-generation, Foxtel's iQ3 blends pay TV and video on demand into a seamless viewing experience – but there's work to be done.


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The truth about pirates - who’s doing it and why

Laura Demasi   A new study has shed more light onto why Australians are so keen to grab content anyway they can.



Filmmakers call 'lights, Apples, action'

Garry Barker   Technology has advanced so quickly that you could win at Oscar using an iPad and iMac.


Magazines provide perspective on photography

Terry Lane   Whether in print or online, there is a wealth of information available for the photographer.