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Twitter finally adds video, group messaging

Hannah Francis 12:17 PM   Micro-blogging site Twitter has finally caught up with rival networks Facebook and Instagram.

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The most exciting video games of early 2015

James 'DexX' Dominguez   Today's release of Dying Light kicks off a few months of games with huge potential.



Fears over metadata breaches

Ben Grubb   Internet and phone providers should be required to notify customers of breaches, Australia's federal Privacy Commissioner says.



WikiLeaks ponders legal action against Google, US

Whistleblowing site WikiLeaks on Monday accused Google of handing over the emails and electronic data of its senior staff to the US authorities without providing notification until almost three years later.

Aussie game devs flex muscles in global event

Hannah Francis   A record 25 per cent women participants turned out for the Melbourne event of the Global Game Jam.


Presto and Stan get the jump on Netflix

Adam Turner   Aussie upstarts are taking the fight to streaming pioneer Quickflix and foreign raider Netflix, but Stan and Presto's limited lounge room support could be their downfall.


Social Media

Which Australia Day hashtag defines you? 

Hannah Francis   Debate about what it means to be Australian comes around every year.


Facebook sex tape case questions privacy law

Michaela Whitbourn   Not since 2008 has a superior Australian court awarded compensation for emotional distress in a breach of confidence case.

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Founder of notorious 4chan website retires as administrator

The founder of the popular, if at times notorious, online message board 4chan announces his retirement as site's admin.


The 10 most disappointing games of 2014

James "DexX" Dominguez   Many great games were released last year, but some did not live up to the hype. Here are our top 10 most disappointing games of last year.


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Geek Pilgrimage: Space Shuttle Endeavour at California Science Centre

Adam Turner 9:33 AM   If you're stranded overnight at LAX, you're only a cab ride away from one of aerospace's greatest treasures.



Why you should take your camera off auto

Terry Lane   Left to its own devices, a camera will get some things right most of the time. But the one thing it will fail at is focus.


Apple times a watch-and-learn strategy

Garry Barker 11:45 PM   Industry soothsayers believe wearables are the next great life-changing trend. Design and finish will count hugely.


NASA shows off highest resolution photo of space

Tom Decent   NASA has released its highest quality image ever; comprising 1.5 billion pixels and boasting 1000 times the resolution of a regular high-definition picture.