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Jenner breaks Twitter record for new followers

Hannah Francis 8:17 PM   Caitlyn Jenner beats Barack Obama to record as LGBT group creates bot to correct users misgendering her.


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Car tech

Eyes on the road, head in the cloud

Matt richtel   Dashboard smart devices claim to minimise risk by projecting information from a smartphone into a driver's line of vision, but some experts worry the additional stimulus will be too distracting.



Woman tosses rare Apple computer

A recycling centre in Silicon Valley is looking for a woman who dropped off an old Apple computer that turned out to be a collectible item worth $US200,000 ($261,470).

Digital Life

Wearing your wallet under the skin

Hannah Francis   Micro-chip implants for making payments and locking doors are the next frontier, but are the pitfalls worth it?



Apps to quit your smartphone addiction

These apps for Android and iOS will turn off some of your smartphone's most distracting features.

Woolworths leaks $1 million of gift cards in massive data breach debacle

Lisa Visentin   Grocery giant Woolworths has scrambled to cancel over $1 million worth of shopping vouchers after an embarrassing breach of customer data, in which it mistakenly emailed the redeemable codes of 8000 vouchers containing the customers' names and email addresses.

Google working with Levis on smart clothes

Google says it's working with iconic US jean maker Levi Strauss to make clothing from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities.

Product Safety

Samsung ad blitz for lethal washing machines

Hannah Francis   Manufacturer of recalled machines causing house fires responds to media pressure but law firm already canvassing legal action.



Windows Surface 3 v Apple iPad Air 2

Hannah Francis   Windows' latest tablet is versatile but lacking in content, while the iPad is still the go-to for reliability.



'Marauders Map' tracks your friends

Tim Biggs   Facebook is reportedly looking to change the way location data is exchanged in Messenger developer uses it to make tracking tool.


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Gadgets on the Go

Will Apple challenge Spotify in the post-album era?

Adam Turner 10:24 AM   A potential late entry in the subscription music market, what can Apple do to win people away from the likes of Spotify?

Social Radar

Traditional TV's demise and its effect on family time

Laura Demasi 11:28 AM   Why TV has become the unlikely new "family" time in an age defined by "alone time" with smart screens.


Macbook fitness program yields thinner, lighter notebook

Garry Barker   Apple continues to load new features into its devices that take into account the move from static to portable computing.


Help at hand for when pictures pile up

Terry Lane   One consequence of digital photography is the vast numbers of images we accumulate. A good app for managing your pictures is a vital tool.