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You may have to wait for Apple's smartwatch

Adario Strange Earlier report that said Apple's iWatch will arrive in September has been updated with a very important caveat.

NBN justification doesn't add up

Adam Turner Despite Malcolm Turnbull's whiteboard, you can't compare fibre-to-the-premises and fibre-to-the-node without looking at the big picture.


Samsung, LG unveil new smartwatch designs

Confusing emoji-only app Emojli debuts

Streaming gamers raided in 'swatting' prank

Killer robots just 'a small step away'

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ACCC sues video games giant Valve

Ben Grubb The Australian consumer watchdog is suing the US company behind the wildly popular online video games distribution platform Steam.


Government low-balling us on NBN

Adam Turner Justifications for the Multi-Technology Mix only add up when you ignore the inconvenient numbers.



iWatch may have wireless charging

Salvador Rodriguez US Patent & Trademark Office publishes an application filed in early 2013 by Apple for a patent on wireless charging.


Choice ridicules piracy crackdown

Hannah Francis Consumer group launches ad campaign targeting policymakers.



HP recalls laptop chargers

Consumers being urged to return power lead that can overheat.


Latest games: Swing Copters

Tim Biggs Plus Infamous, Tales, Last Tinker and Star Wars.


Apple invites are out

Samantha Murphy Kelly Just as expected, Apple sent out invitations for September 9 event.


Game critic driven from home

James 'DexX' Dominguez Anita Sarkeesian forced to flee her home after explicit death threats.



Does social media stifle opinions?

Anne Flaherty Study shows social media users more shy.


iWatch may come September 9

Hannah Francis Watch could be launched alongside phone.



What to do with a 12.9-inch iPad

Lance Ulanoff  By next year, if rumours hold true, we’ll have a giant iPad.

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Gadgets on the Go

Hands on: FreeviewPlus EPG

Adam Turner   12:36 PM Built-in Catch Up TV makes the Freeview EPG an attractive proposition, but there's not a lot to watch and few people can see it after today's launch.


Shadows made to give up their secrets

Terry Lane Some cameras have HDR controls built in and some need a little external help.


Empires rise on apps boom

Garry Barker Entrepreneurs are born, not made. Looking around the world of technology, it’s clear that to succeed one has to be more than a bit different.


First living organ built inside an animal

Rebecca Smith British scientists have built a complete and functional organ in a living animal for the first time.